May the 4th Be With You Episode 2: “Help Us, Stand Alone Features. You’re Our Only Hope.”

Holiday’s are about traditions, old and new. Just like adding stand-alone features to the Star Wars tradition of trilogies. Sure, there were those Ewok films, but those were like the weird cousins that smell like tape you spend the whole holiday avoiding. We are talking about the new stand-alone features that are steeped in Star Wars history but require no prequels or sequels to be a good story. The first of these was the wildly successful and critically acclaimed, Rogue One: A Star Wars Story.

Rogue One was heralded for being the fresh new Star Wars unlike any other. Fans were able to fall in love with a film with characters that will not be revisited, with a plot line that ended definitively—to put it lightly. Movie goers were more than happy to venture away from the familiar and (mostly) winning formula that is Star Wars.

This should speak boldly of what the future of Star Wars may be. Even the craziest of Star Wars junkies are over Death Stars/Planets. Star Wars fans are not only enamored by the rich mythology, but are also cinema enthusiasts; they yearn for creativity and originality. Star Wars has built a strong enough story base by this point that it can pull off the stand-alone story. The success of Rogue One and anticipation for Han Solo more than prove this. So before Disney tries to stick to formula, they should think, “How can we improve on this tradition?” The answer is one they already have.

Regardless of if you are a fan of the trilogy or the one-off style please remember what today is really about. It is a holiday where we should remember all of the many (non) Bothans who died to bring the rebellion this information during the battle of Scarif.

With great power comes great responsibility, which is why I read and write about comics. Beats running around in spandex.

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