Marvel’s Squirrel Girl and New Warriors Heading to Freeform: Kevin Biegel Expected To Write and Produce

Fan favorite Squirrel Girl will be leading Marvel’s New Warriors onto the Disney owned cable channel, Freeform.  The Hollywood Reporter reported that Freeform has placed a straight to series order for 10 episodes of New Warriors.  Which is said to be close to a deal with Kevin Biegel (Scrubs & Cougar Town) to write and be the show runner.  This would be Marvel’s first venture into a superhero sitcom.  It is said that much like the current comic runs of both Unbeatable Squirrel Girl and The Champions, this show will be about 6 young heroes looking to make a difference in the world.

The New Warriors are Marvel’s version of the Teen Titans.  They are normally made up of younger heroes who have a variety of different powers and use them to back up the Avengers.  They first appeared in The Might Thor #411 (1989) and were created by Tom DeFalco and Ron Frenz.

Though Squirrel Girl was never in The New Warriors in the comics, Marvel is most likely taking advantage of the insane popularity of  The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl, written by Ryan North and drawn by Erica Henderson.  Squirrel Girl is the superhero alter ego of Doreen Green who has Squirrel like abilities including agility, claws, the ability to talk to squirrels and a tail.  The running gag is that Squirel Girl has managed to use her seemingly mediocre powers to defeat some of the most powerful and elusive super villains in the Marvel Universe (e.g. Doctor Doom and Thanos).  She first appeared in Marvel Super-Heroes #8 (1992) and was created by Will Murray and Steve Ditko.

No word yet on who will be the other New Warriors or who will play Squirrel Girl.  However, both Anna Kendrick and Stranger Things actress Shannon Purser have expressed interest.  The bigger question is, will there be a pet squirrel named Tippy Toes?

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