Marvel Teases Wolverine/Hulk Hybrid

Marvel Comics Editor In Chief Axel Alonso recently dropped a gnarly photo via twitter titled “under construction”.  The photo shows us what appears to be a Hulk with Wolverine claws in a stasis tank labeled BATCH-H.  Whether it’s a Hulked out Logan or an adamantium laced Banner is tough to call at this point. Both characters are dead with Wolverine passing in 2014 and Banners recent death and brief resurrection during last years Civil War II.  Wolverine made his first appearance in the Incedible Hulk #181 and the recent Generations teaser could have something to do with this. However, the current presence of Old Man Logan, Laura Kinney’s All-New Wolverine, Jennifer Walter headlining the current Hulk, and Amedus Cho’s Totally Awesome Hulk leads me think this photo might be from the pages of the upcoming Weapon-X series. This title is part of the brand new Reserrxtion line of X-books that also includes X-Men Blue, X-Men Gold, Iceman, Jean Grey, Generation-X, & Cable.

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