Marguerite Bennett Rafael De Latorre “go wild” with Animosity #1 Aftershock Comics (a spoiler filled review)

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Marguerite Bennett and Rafael De Latorre along with Aftershock Comics presents Animosity #1: The Wake (because it’s less dramatic than the funeral)

I have been waiting ever so (not) patiently for this brand new book from Aftershock Comics to finally get into my animosity__01_cover_by_rafaeldelatorre-da3aycshands. I heard Marguerite Bennett was going to be writing a mature book about animals that suddenly wake up; so naturally I was very intrigued. Marguerite is well known for her classy and sassy run on the DC Bombshells; as well as the acclaimed Insexts and Red Sonja. Then I heard she was partnering up with the uber talented artist Rafael De Latorre and it was a no brainer this book was going to be a success! I was crazy jealous when I heard that our own Ed Garrett was going to get the chance to interview Marguerite at HeroesCon in Charlotte, NC. I practically begged him to please find out everything he could about this upcoming gem. When our boss man Stephen told us that Aftershock Comics had dropped this book right into our laps, I was thrilled to finally delve into Animosity.

**I can’t help myself there will be SPOILERS**

Animosity #1 is titled The Wake, well because as they explain it was just less dramatic than calling it the Funeral. Is it humanities funeral, our time to die out at the hands of the animals that were here long before us? Animosity raises some very valid fears and concerns that mirror the state of chaos our world seems to be in today. Much like the CBS television show Zoo; this also tells the story of animals waking up to take back the world that was once theirs. The amazing difference with Animosity is that all the animals do not react to their awakening in the same manner. The animals seem to have their own individual thoughts and feelings, much like humans.

bookAnimosity_gallery1Marguerite and Rafael have got me hooked by page 3; the rats are attacking and eating an exterminator and calling him a “rat bastard”. The tongue in cheek play on words and double meanings through out this book are wickedly clever. There is panel after panel of these amazing animals that are just waking up; there is no other way to explain it. They become self aware, they feel and they can talk and some of them are not too happy with us humans. A couple of my favorite scenes are the Orca whale that wakes up and is in love with his human trainer, the heartbreaking dog who is being put down but forgives his owner, the polar bear who is taking a bite out of a seal suddenly has remorse and the cat who viciously threatens its owner never to lay a hand on his wife ever again. There is such a huge range of emotions in every one of these amazing animals awakenings. You can feel the anger, sadness, loyalty and love jumping out at you thanks in part to the amazing art from Rafael.

The main focus of the book seems to be a little girl and her dog; it all comes down to the heart. Jessie has this big oaf of a dog named Sandor. Upon his awakening he just displays unconditional affection that mirrors Jessie’s own love for her companion. In fact most of these animals seem to have similar reactions to the humans: contempt for the wicked, compassion for the kind, and complete Animosity for the majority. Despite Jessie’s dads reservations over Sandor; the brave and trusty hound quickly proves his loyalty to Jessie. This Bloodhound jumps off the roof of a building and fights a Tiger for his beloved little girl. There isn’t a more tried and true bond than that of a little girl and her dog, they make my heart complete. In a world filled with such cynical people and animals that have had horrific things done to them; there is still at the heart of the story love, decency and compassion.bookAnimosity_gallery3

Marguerite Bennett made me feel something in this book that I haven’t in a long time and that is hope. Hope for the future, for animals, for the human race, for all of it. Animosity #1 is a beautiful book and you just can’t ask for more from a first issue. Immediately you are sucked into this world, the plight and all the emotions are almost overwhelming, but in the best way possible. I would not recommend this book for a small child or a sensitive reader; there are graphic pictures of animals and humans alike. Teens to adults would be the best audience for this, as it is a more mature subject matter. For me this book really hit the mark, both in story and art so I am going to give it a 10/10. Aftershock Comics has not put out a bad book, and Animosity is going to continue that success. I look forward to further issues and delving deeper into the cause, the solution and ramifications of the awakening. 

**Animosity is on sale from Aftershock Comics this Wednesday for new comic book day**


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