We like it very much! ‘Mystery Science Theater 3000’ to become a Dark Horse comic

MSTies rejoice! Everyone’s favorite human, robot, and robot movie hecklers are leaping from the small screen to the comics page. After a record-breaking Kickstarter campaign that resurrected the beloved cult television series for an upcoming eleventh season on Netflix, Mystery Science Theater 3000 will now become a comic book courtesy of Dark Horse Comics. So says VP Randy Stradley on the company’s website:

I first encountered the show in 1992, and immediately fell in love with both the concept and the characters. I began inquiring about the license in 1993, and now—a mere twenty-four years later—we have Comics Sign!

The partnership between brands includes a line of Dark Horse-designed products in addition to the comic series itself, as DHC his just one of a plethora of companies to sign up for the forthcoming MST3K merchandising bonanza. The format of the MST3K comic is not clear at this point, but one can only hope that issue one sees Joel/Mike/Jonah and the ‘bots snidely ripping apart some of comicdom’s greatest abominations.

Max Landis devotee.

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