Lemire & Sorrentino Reunite For Old Man Logan

Wolverine has become one of Marvel’s flagship characters along with being my favorite character.  So, yeah, gonna be a little biased here.  Last year, his death rocked the foundation of Marvel Comics.  Now, courtesy of Secret Wars, we get to see several versions of Logan including the one who will survive and be a part of the All-New All-Different Marvel line-up this fall.  Marvel.com caught up with writer Jeff Lemire (All-New Hawkeye, Extraordinary X-Men) & artist Andrea Sorrentino (All-New X-Men, Secret Wars: Old Man Logan) who will be joined by colorist Marcelo Maiolo on just what they have in store for Old Man Logan.

I think it’s safe to say that if given the opportunity to work on a character you really like, everybody wins.  This team has worked together before and are excited to bring us a new take on an old character, pun intended.  For those who don’t know, Old Man Logan is from a far off dystopian like future where has sworn off poppin’ the claws. That is until his family is killed unleashing the fury of Wolverine.  Eight months after Secret Wars will find Old Man Logan in the present day, quite possibly as the mentor to X-23, the All-New Wolverine.  It will be difficult for this character to adjust to the past he’s already lived through.  Part of this story will exist in flash backs/forwards that take place, “before the events of Mark Millar’s story where I will explore Logan’s relationship with his wife and children more. I want the reader to feel even more what this man has lost.”, says Lemire.

We can expect Old Man Logan to touch nearly every corner of the Marvel Universe which means plenty of team-ups, cameos, & snikts.  When asked about where this will pick up Lemire simply says, image“Times Square. Naked and hairy Old Man Logan on the run.”  Sounds about right.  I, for one, like the idea of having Old Man Logan in the present day.  It gives them so much more material, while allowing o version of Logan to still exist.  You can also find Old Man Logan in Lemire’s other title, Extraordinary X-Men this fall.  So, Comic Nation, what do you think?  Are you ready for some Old Man Logan, or is it time he retired?  Let us know and keep checking back with us for more on the All-New All-Different Marvel.

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