‘Legend of Tarzan’ Writer, Adam Cozad, to scribe ‘Suicide Squad 2’

Until critic backlash is able to bring them down, Warner Bros machine will continue to crank out DC movies.  Now that Wonder Woman is in post production, they have their sights set on getting Suicide Squad 2 underway.  Though, there have been many names thrown around, including Mel Gibson’s, the film does not have a director attached.  They appear to be focusing on story first and this process will be lead by the writer of Legend of Tarzan, Adam Cozad, first reported by  The Hollywood Reporter.  Story has been an area that many felt the first film was lacking, as well a the other DC films in this universe (Man of Steel and Batman vs. Superman).

Now that they have the story teller buttoned down they can move forward with finding a director.  David Ayer, who directed the first installment, is now heading up Gotham Sirens, which will focus on Batman’s female rogues gallery.  Ayer came under harsh criticism after the first film failed to meet critics and fans expectations.  However, among all this critical and fan opposition, the first Suicide Squad did win an Academy Award…not for writing, directing or picture though. Cozad and the future director have a long road ahead of them if they have such lofty goals in mind.

With great power comes great responsibility, which is why I read and write about comics. Beats running around in spandex.

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