My Killer Review of Hero Killer #3 *Tony McDougall* Markosia Enterprises

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*Hero Killer #3* Written by Tony McDougall* Art by Martinho Abreu *Colors by Justyna Tunkiel* Markosia Enterprises*

Several months ago I had the privilege to preview and review a very cool new book from creator Tony McDougall. Hero Killer is a all new independent comic book and it was worth checking out. I’m glad I did because I very much enjoyed the book.

Now Tony is back again with Hero Killer #3. Issue number three is out this week (March 8th, 2017) and once again he brings us his unique peek into the minds of superheroes and serial killers. If you are looking for a new series that offers something different, this just might be the perfect book for you.

Hero Killer is a fun, imaginative tale about a serial killer, but one unlike any you have ever known. This one targets superheroes exclusively. Now while the cops want a crack at this case, the supers are keeping tight lipped. They want to keep it within their community, but they keep dying. Somehow this killer is able to get past all the meta- humans and still commit these heinous crimes.

So now it’s up to one tenacious Detective and her tag a long partner to try and help the supers whether they like it or not. Even the superheroes are stumped as to who could be doing this and how.  It won’t be easy going for Detective Marquez, with all the heroes stone walling her inquiries into the case.

I am giving Hero Killer #3 an 8/10. While it was a little slower for me than the previous 2 books, it is still very strong on character development and story set up. Plus it is consistently good in the art. You will just have to get your own copy of Hero Killer #3 to find out what happens when Cops and Heroes collide all in the name of justice. Also check out issues #1 and #2 also available at

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