Joyride #8 And The Void Stares Back *Review* Lanzing-Kelly-To Boom Studios

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Joyride #8* Written by Jackson Lanzing and Collin Kelly* Art by Marcus To* Colors by Irma Kniivila* Boom Studios*

Lanzing and Kelly destroy my life so completely with Joyride #8. Thanks guys! For Christmas why don’t you just rip out my heart and serve it up on a candy cane shaped platter. Because that is pretty much what reading Joyride #8; And The Void Stares Back feels like. But I mean it in the best way possible of course. Fair warning this will be a spoiler-ific review, filled with space shenanigans and out of this world heartbreak. Please don’t let that stop you from reading on.

Joyride #8 starts the readers out with the conclusion that we have all now come to; Kolstak is EVIL! But wait, is he really? Or is there something more to his 10,000 year long diabolical revenge scheme? This has got to be the longest end game of any villain I’ve ever heard of. I mean after a year or two I’d be distracted by something shiny somewhere and forget about it. Not Kolstak, he’s in it to win it baby. He sets a bomb, sets a trap and all his travel companions are now nothing but collateral damage.

The guys give us a significant flashback and a real look at Kolstak’s motivation for this long term revenge plot. Catrin decides to try and talk him down while Dewydd and Uma do damage control from inside the ship. If they can’t disarm the weapon of mass destruction that Kolstak has fused to the ship, then Uma will reason with the ancient being living with in the ship. These “Supervoid” creatures are ancient and dangerous beings that Kolstak would be happy to wipe out of existence but Uma has different plans. She wants to save an entire race of these creatures. 

Not having any luck playing upon the friendship that she has forged with Kolstak, Catrin tells him she would rather die with her friends on the ship than stay on the planet another second with him. It looks as though she may very well get her wish. Even though Uma has managed to save the Supervoids, there is no saving this ship. You know how that old saying goes don’t you? A captain must go down with his or in this case her spaceship. The plan is suddenly very clear to Catrin, and when Dewydd is finally clued in; he looses his shit. Dewydd is seriously not happy with the idea of loosing his best friend, but ultimately he understands this is the only way any of them survive.

At this point I’m already in tears, thank you very much! Uma and Catrin’s farewell panel is just so completely perfect. As choked up as I was over Dewydd saying goodbye, I was caught off guard by the fondness these two women have established for one another. The emotions that ran through me in the last few pages are as followed: rage, anger, frustration, sadness, despair, and finally just utter decimation…..although maybe with a tinge of hope thrown in there for good measure. I mean Uma is our main character and the whole reason for the Joyride to begin with.

I can’t see giving Joyride #8 anything other than a 10. So I gave it a 10, and a 10 and another 10. I could do this all day long. The story so far has just been out of this world but this is one of my favorite issues! I know the guys are not done yet, and I’m praying that Uma is returned to us (hint hint wink wink). Marcus To and Irma Kniivila bring this whole story to life with beautiful brilliant art work and vibrant colors. It’s a Joyride to read, and you wouldn’t want to miss it for the world!



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