Joyride #12 Shoot The Moon *Series End Review* Lanzing Kelly Boom Studios

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Joyride #12 Shoot The Moon* Created and Written by Jackson Lanzing and Collin Kelly* Art by Marcus To* Colors by Irma Kniivila* Boom Studios

Joyride #12 is the epic conclusion to Lanzing and Kelly’s wild space adventure. I’ve been a huge fan from the beginning and let me just say that it has been one hell of a trip through the cosmos. It’s been a roller coaster of emotions for me. What started out as just three kids rebelling and looking for adventure turned into something much more. I’m sad to see this series end, but the conclusion is way gratifying. Read on for my final review of Joyride and lets Shoot the Moon!


What Jackson Lanzing and Collin Kelly have created with Joyride is nothing short of astonishing. Right from the start it was easy to fall in love with Uma the dreamer, Dewydd the loyal friend and Catrin the misguided warrior. They were each relatable in their own unique ways. What Lanzing and Kelly did with these characters in just 12 issues blows my mind. My last review for issue #8 left us with Uma apparently dead, and her two friends saying gut wrenching goodbyes. Then issue #9 came along and a whole year had passed. Uma’s absence weighed heavily on Dewydd and Catrin but in very different ways. That loss was absolutely necessary to catapult the characters further, push them to where they were meant to be all along. Let me give you a little recap on the story leading up to this amazing final issue.

Catrin saved lives and aided in revolutions; she made a difference that Uma would have been proud of. She took incredible risks and pushed herself past the confines of her prior self. Catrin was able to realize her deep love for Uma, and even when all hope was lost did not give up on that love. She truly embraced the warrior princess the Uma knew was there all along. In doing so Catrin, not Dewydd was able to bring Uma back from the supervoid. The two girls were reunited, and Catrin’s feeling for Uma were very much reciprocated. This was a giant pay off for fans, but a bit of a twist as Dewydd was the one initially head over heels for his best friend Uma.

Dewydd chose a different path. In honoring everything that Uma embodied, he took off on his own to find himself. He became one of the Wanders: he forged steel out of his sadness and took strength from his shadows. He seemed to have taken all the lessons Uma had taught him along the way and chose to “LIVE” as she had asked him to do. Dewydd took on the Regulatrix and rescued his brother from being held prisoner. By the end of issue #10 he was surprisingly reunited with his best friend Uma once again.

After her year absence and return from the supervoid, Uma had a clear vision of what it was she needed to do. She had already rebelled against a fascist system and escaped her planet. She had amazing parties in the most beautiful places in space, caused a little galactic trouble and even died saving her friends. It was time for Uma to do the unexpected and finally head home. She wanted the same freedom she had experienced for the rest of her world! She really was always the dreamer of the group. Like always the girl has a plan, it’s risky and dangerous and of course epic in scale.

Uma, Catrin, Dewydd and gang break through Earth’s shield, causing Uma to use up all her cosmic powers and returning her hair to the iconic orange. They lead the fleet of Regulators (tough guy space cops) right to the planets doorstep. In starting a war, she hoped to bring a revolution and peace to her planet. Like all of Uma’s plans, things go sideways but she manages to roll with it. Just part of her charm in my opinion. Together Uma and Catrin prove to the Regulators that humans have the capacity for great beauty, music, art, love and passion. It’s what Uma’s parents once fought to protect. It’s what has been missing, and what they intend to return to the people of Earth.

In demonstrating what humans are really capable of, above all the brutality and hate; Uma and Catrin earned the planet the right to be protected by the Regulators. One other condition had to be met in order for this plan to work. Uma and Catrin had to promise to never go adventuring into space ever again. The girls easily agreed to these terms and were married at once. Catrin became the new ruler of Earth. Dewydd took off to the stars to blaze forth his own path. Uma was able to give beauty, art and hope back to the people of her world. Even starting a brand new space program that would encourage children to look up to the stars, the way Uma once use to do. 

Joyride #12 Shoot The Moon was a gratifying conclusion to this wonderful series. I felt as though I had been living among the stars with Uma and I fully felt her passion for life. I enjoyed how all the characters came full circle and truly realize their potential. Who would have thought Uma would be the one with her feet firmly on the ground while Dewydd would be the one with continuing space adventures. Maybe the guys will bring us the adventures of Dewydd the Wander at some point in time. The cover for this issue is just too beautiful for words! As usual Marcus To does an outstanding job not only on the cover but the entire book and series as well. The final installment of Joyride scores a solid 10 for me. Don’t forget to pick up your final copy of Joyride which hits shelves for new comic book day Wednesday April 26th, 2017. 

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