Journey To The Afterlife – Advance Review of “Ten Grand” #5

tengrand05_coverThe story of Joe Fitzgerald and his love Laura continues with a major problem – Laura has disappeared from Heaven!  Joe is willing to go through anything…and any place…to find the love of his life once again.  Can Joe make it through to the other side? And, what will he find when he gets there?  That’s where we pick up with “Ten Grand” #5!


Joe has crossed into Purgatory…at least that’s one name for it.  By whatever name you call it, there are a lot of lost souls there…and a lot of danger as well!  Joe wants to cross over straight into Hell to find Laura, and the journey turns into thrill ride in just about every sense of the word.  What he finds next is something you’ll have to check out the issue to learn, but I will say that there is a HUGE cliffhanger at the end…one that could change just about everything in this series!

J. Michael Straczynski continues to script a compelling storyline here, writing one of the very best comics on the market.  The look is different but exceptional thanks to the illustrations of C.P. Smith, who took over for Ben Templesmith beginning this issue (Templesmith still supplies the cover for this issue).  Even though I enjoyed Templesmith’s artwork in previous issues, I really like the look that Smith brings to this title.  And, as JMS notes in his “Joe’s Counter” column at the end of this issue, it fits that the art style changes just as Joe Fitzgerald enters a very different world himself.  This is one of my favorites – don’t miss “Ten Grand”!



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