Iron Sight: Review of “Superior Iron Man” #4

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During the events of Axis, Tony Starks moral compass was inverted, bringing out his arrogant and douche-like qualities.  He’s moved to San Francisco, a city that matches his progressive thinking and attitude.  Once there, he’s introduced his Extremis app, which, for a nominal fee, will make you look like the perfect you.  In essence, he’s created a new type of drug that people cannot live without.  In an attempt to get Daredevil off his back, he allowed him a free day of the app so that he could see.  It didn’t have the desired effect.

Stark really is proud of himself.  Through Extremis, he really believes that he is pushing people to be better, to be superior.  Lately, there have been problems among the population that cannot afford it.  They either want it and are willing to commit crimes to obtain it, or those who don’t have it are being singled out by those that do.  In order to further his utopia, Stark introduces his city wide security drones, Iron Sight.  Coupled with his Extremis, there’s nowhere to run and nowhere to hide.  The concept of privacy has gone out of the window.  However, there’s one San Franciscan who has discovered what Tony Stark is really up to, the man without fear.  We’ve seen what happens to those who’ve gotten in Stark’s way in the past, so you’ve got to see how he handles this one.

Tom Taylor (writer), Yildiray Cinar (pencils), Cory Hamsher & Tom Palmer (both inks), and Guru-eFX (colors) have gold on their hands ironmanwith this issue.  I’ve really like this series thus far, and kind of like Stark in this light, especially how he walks that good/evil line.  Down the line, the most interesting thing to me is who, exactly, will have what it takes to bring Tony down.  Will it be a hero?  A rogue? A villain?  Or maybe Murdock’s memory will return, much like Rogers, along with some heavy payback.  What’s more important is I think this character is one that should survive the universal reboot in the wake of the Secret Wars.  Until then, the story continues in the pages of Superior Iron-Man #5 (2/25)which you can find at your local comic shop.

(Marvel Comics)


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