Interview with Zombie Tramp Creator Dan Mendoza on his new solo Kickstarter Sad Girl Psycho Baby

When I heard that Zombie Tramp and Dollface creator Dan Mendoza was starting a new Kickstarter campaign I jumped into action to get on board with his new project. I had no idea what this new project was but everything Dan touches turns to gold and I just had to be part of that. For those of you not familiar with Kickstarter, it is a website where creators can ask for donations and get their projects funded by fans. You can donate different dollar amounts and get different prizes for doing so. As incentives for fans, a lot of times creators will offer exclusive merchandise often not available anywhere else. This is part of what makes the Kickstarter project so rewarding for both parties. Dan offers many different levels of prizes from signed exclusive covers to once in a life time opportunities for you to be drawn into the actual comic book.

Dan’s new comic book project is a labor of love called Sad Girl Psycho Baby. Not only is this another original character from the guy who brings us Zombie Tramp and Dollface monthly, but it is also the first book out on his own label. Dan started up his own label called Still Ill Princess. It embodies everything that Dan’s work stands for: twisted beauty. You can go visit his Kickstarter page and check out what I’m talking about and continue reading here to see my interview with Dan Mendoza. I was super stoked to be able to pick Dan’s brain and find out a little more about his new label, his new character and his highly successful Kickstarter campaign. I’m gonna let Dan take it from here!

Geeky Goddess- You have a brand new character, a brand new label and a fully funded Kickstarter Campaign! Tell me a little bit about how/why your new label Still Ill Princess came about?

Dan Mendoza- The Label came about over a period of time. I was wanting to do a solo project that reminded me of the good ole days of when i started Zombie Tramp. I harped over possible logos and names for months and just put it on the back burner so I can focus on all the details of creating Sad Girl Psycho Baby. I don’t remember how the subject came about, but me and my Girlfriend were chatting about our favorite singer Morrissey and what if one of his lyrics represented my work and almost immediately, Still Ill Princess was born. The logo is that of pretty princess (because i like to draw pretty things) but stuffed in a straight jacket (that conveys the twisted stories i tell) with a cute yet sinister smile.

GG- Tell us a little bit about Sad Girl Psycho Baby’s world and what it looks/feels like?

DM- It’s a post apocalyptic future world where the sun never fully rises anymore. No more blue skies. Only perpetual sunset. No government, no law, just gang lands. All the gangs are portrayed differently with different styled genre’s. For example, one gang can be more like a barbarian world and another could be high tech gadget mutant cholos.

GG- What sets this new character Sad Girl Psycho Baby apart from your other girls Janey and Lila?

DM- Sad Girl Psycho Baby was born out of a mutation. It is set 100 years after the world ends, so mutated people have become pretty common. Almost to where some are considered new races. Sad Girl how ever is a one of a kind. A girl born with pure sadness, making it so anyone who stays around her too long becomes suicidal. She has a lot of the tough girl characteristics of Zombie tramp but more confidant in who she is as a person. Zombie Tramp is more of a character trying to find her place in the world and Lila from Dollface is just so happy and full of life, she’s not even close to Sad Girl’s personality.

GG- Is Sad Girl Psycho Baby’s world set apart from that of Zombie Tramp, Dollface and Vampblade? Will we ever see her as a part of the DangerDoll Squad?

DM- Yes it is! Like I said it takes place 100 years after the world ends, so the life and universe of Zombie Tramp, Dollface, and Vampblade would potentially be over. Also since this is not going to be an action lab title, I don’t see a cross over happening anytime soon.

GG- What was your reaction when you found out this was a fully funded campaign with in 1 hour?

DM- I was so amazed! The Dollface Kickstarter that Action Lab built a year ago was funded in about 4 hours after launch because it had my name and art on it, which made me realize my true potential and how strong my fan base could get. Being funded in one hour was super awesome. This solo Kickstarter will definitely surpass what i had expected and make people take notice.

GG- What incentives are there for fans to still get on board and be a part of this Kickstarter campaign?

DM- There are still covers available. The signed and numbered sets are gone. There are a few open spots to get drawn in the book and also you have a chance to get your photo posted on a thank you wall at the back of the book. T-shirts are unlimited, as well as remark add-ons. If you are a retailer that is interested in getting your own cover, I have that. It started with 3 but that filled up quickly, so i increased it to 6.

GG- Will Sad Girl Psycho Baby follow in the footsteps of your other titles and have the risque covers and art?

DM- Yes! The fans really love the risque covers, so I’m not one to disappoint.

GG- I love that Bill McKay is still on board with variant covers, who else can we expect to see involved in this new project?

DM- I’ve been in contact with a few artists, but nothing completely locked in yet. right now, Bill is my go to guy.

GG- Any other new characters that might pop up in Sad Girl Psycho Baby that you can hint at or give us a little tease about?

DM- It’s all a secret.

GG- Will there eventually be other titles out under the Still Ill Princess label?

DM- Yes. If all goes well and the fans continue to flock, more titles will eventually come. But for now, I just want to tell the story of Sad Girl Psycho Baby.

GG- How do you keep all your characters separate in your head, do they ever get mixed up?

DM- LOL! I have to sit down and focus. As soon as I start in with their first lines of dialog, the personality starts to emerge almost to where I hear all their distinctive voices. It gets noisy in there sometimes.

GG- What’s next for all the girls after DangerDoll Squad? I’d love to see them end up in a mixed up universe temporarily where Lila has Janey’s boobs, Katie gets Lila’s powers and so on…

DM- Danger Doll Squad has been doing very well for Action lab, so another mini series should be a definite. The biggest thing for the new year at Action Lab will definitely be the epic “Death of Zombie Tramp” arc I’m writing. Fans won’t be disappointed!

GG- Will we ever see a male character appear in your books that can compete with the girls? I’m just saying I wouldn’t complain about a super hot stud muffin with bulging pecs and chiseled features.

DM- I don’t see why not. I’m an equal opportunist and not opposed to full frontal male nudity.

GG- Lastly let me ask you this Dan, what do you say to to the critics who continue to talk trash about your over the top violence and sexualized female characters?

DM- It’s wasted energy to let it get to me. I feel that Comic books are like movies, there’s all kinds of different genres of story telling and there will always be critics that stab at things that don’t meet their preferred tastes. I’m a huge fan of 70’s grindhouse and exploitation films. That’s the style I go for when I write and draw. I’m a big fan of Russ Meyer and John Waters movies. They were greatly criticized for their work as well, but now films like Faster Pussycat Kill Kill and Pink Flamingo’s are considered to be inspirational classics to directors like Quentin Tarantino and Robert Rodriguez. John Waters used to be called, “The Prince of Puke” by Critics, but it only made his career soar. Once i was called “The Russ Meyer of comics” by a critic. I’m not sure if he was insulting me or not but I took it as one of the greatest compliments ever.

So there you have my interview with Dan Mendoza the creative mind behind Zombie Tramp, Dollface and now the newest babe on the block Sad Girl Psycho Baby! Dan has his own label called Still Ill Princess which is the home to Sad Girl Psycho Baby. Dan is continuing in his own unique style of writing and art, which includes other artists like Bill McKay. There will be over the top violence, gore, nudity and the all around general depravity that Dan is famous for. Screw the critics that try to tear down what Dan and company have built here. Sad Girl Psycho Baby is another mature title that is for sure not for everyone. With that being said, Dan’s fan base is so huge that his Kickstarter was fully funded within 1 hour of launch! Fear not my friends, there are still great incentives available so you can still be a part of this amazing new venture. Head on over to to get started. Just search Sad Girl Psycho Baby or click here!

Dan also teased us a little about an upcoming Zombie Tramp arc called “Death of Zombie Tramp”. Now I am super curious and nervous about this. I will keep you all updated as more information becomes available or when I can pry it out of Dan. If you just can’t wait you can pass the time by checking out the monthly titles (Zombie Tramp & Dollface) available from Action Lab/Danger Zone.



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