Infinite 7 #2 Action Lab/Danger Zone Sneak Peek Review *DAVE DWONCH*

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INFINITE 7 #2: The Octagon *Written by Dave Dwonch* Drawn by Arturo Mesa* Colors by Geraldo Filho* Action Lab/Danger Zone*

Action Lab President and comic book guru Dave Dwonch launched his brand new series in February called Infinite 7. Our very own master reviewer Ed Garrett gave the first issue a thumbs up and a solid 9/10. This month issue #2 is out on stands for new comic book Wednesday and I’m here to tell you that this book is worth picking up. I’m a huge fan of the work they do over at Action Lab/Danger zone. I love that they are a company with balls enough to put out mature titles that adults can really enjoy. This new title is no exception to that rule. With an original, solid story line and superior artwork you can’t go wrong picking up a copy of Infinite 7.

**Keep reading for my spoiler-ific review of Infinite 7 #2**

In what other world can you find that a video game geek that can’t even ask a girl out on a date has now become the newest member of an elite shadow assassin group? Dave Dwonch has just made that dream a reality and I’m totally sold on it. I was all in about half way through the first issue when Anthony accidentally kills the baddest mother f*cker of the Infinite 7 and is now tasked with taking over his spot on the team! Issue #2 picks up with Anthony the programmer in a perilous predicament being interrogated by the head of the organization.

Anthony is given a history lesson on the Infinite 7 and his new role as Smash Brannagan by his helper-bot (the floating orb know it all thingy) code named Parrot. Parrot explains that this shadow group of assassins has been around for 200 years and when one member is killed they are replaced by the one who pulled the trigger. This little rule is quite familiar to me from watching the Santa Clause movies; it’s actually in the “clause”. The one who kills shall be the one who replaces. Anthony thinks this is all just a terrible mistake but as Agent Cinco alludes to, there are no mistakes. Plus something or someone led the previous Smash Brannagan to Anthony’s doorstep in the first place. I like the mystery that Dave sets up in his story here; it hooks the reader and keeps you coming back for more.

Now Anthony is given 3 days in which he has to prepare for his final test to becoming a full fledged member of the Infinite 7. There is no way out of this, he’s completely down the rabbit hole now and totally screwed! He has to defeat a mystery opponent in a battle to the death; inside the training arena they call the Octagon. For 2 days Anthony hides behind his fear. He doesn’t eat, he doesn’t get out of bed and he’s pretty much ready to face his certain death. Then on the 3rd day something changes, like a light switch that just flipped. He uses his unique skills in a way that no one could have predicted or ever saw coming. I LOVED this twist! I so fully enjoyed seeing Anthony surprise the Infinite 7. This leads me to believe there is more behind him being chosen, and I can’t wait to explore what comes next.

Dave Dwonch has set up a great story, with an atypical champion that a lot of people will be able to relate to. Anthony is a great character that I can’t wait to get to know better; along with the rest of the ostentatious members of the Infinite 7. The art work is really outstanding and raises this book to a different level of fun for the eyes. Add to that the fabulous limited edition variant covers that Action Lab is famous for, and it’s a home run. This book is fast paced and does not hold back on anything, so if your delicate sensibilities are easily offended this is not the book for you!  Trust me when I say this book is a 9/10 and you won’t want to miss out on picking this baby up at your local store!

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