Image’s Copperhead Returns With New Artist, Drew Moss

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After a 16 month hiatus Image Comics’ Space Western, Copperhead, has rode back into town.   However, creators Jay Faerber and Scott Godlewski are not riding alone.  Today, issue #11 hits the stands and the interior art may look different.  That is because due to scheduling conflicts, orignal artist and co-creator, Scott Godlewski, had to pass on the interior art responsibilities to Blood Feud artist Drew Moss.  Do not fear Copper-Heads, Godlewski is still involved in developing the story with writer and co-creator Jay Faerber as well as doing the cover art. Moss is a fantastic addition to the team and really keeps the feel of the first arc while bringing his own style.  Moss is accompanied by the returning original color slinger, Ron Riley.

Copperhead follows the adventures of Sheriff/single mother, Clara Bronson.  She is the new tough as nails sheriff of the small mining town called Copperhead, which is located on a distant planet.  So far Clara has been tasked with maintaining the peace after massacre, fought off a band of alien outlaws, and rescued her deputy, Boo, from certain death.  This new arc picks up right where the last one left off, which was with Clara standing over the body of the mayor of Copperhead.  Now she must deal with a new murder mystery and possible betrayal.  Also there is the looming issue of her ex-husband having escaped from prison and heading her way.  Hold on to your space coach, it is going to be a bumpy ride.

Issue# 11 starts off as fast as #10 ended.  With the combination of the original feel of the series, great new art, and a fantastic twist this is an issue you don’t want to miss.  Copperhead is a site favorite, and after one issue you will understand why.

To Jay, Scott, Ron, and Drew – Welcome back boys, you have been missed.

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