The Hunted: Review of “Scarlet Spider” #22

Previously:  The Scarlet Spider has had his hands full lately.  With the return of The Jackel and the possibility of clones, Kaine is faced by his old clone and original Scarlet Spider, Ben Reilly.  As the two wage war against the other in the raining streets of the night one thing becomes clear.  Kaine has been drugged and the man he thought was Ben is actually the greatest hunter on Earth, Kraven!

Kaine wakens in an empty grave.  He has been brought to Kravens domain, detailwhere he  must fae the trails Kraven has set forth for this wall crawler.  The history between the two is rehashed as we learn just exactly why Kaine has been chosen by the hunter.  After playing his game long enough, Kaine finally makes it to Kraven himself who reveals the true nature of this particular hunt.

Chris Yost and Erik Burnham (writers) continue this excellent story.  Baldeon, Olliffe, and Green (pencils) along with Pallot and Olazaba (inks), and Sotomayor and Loughridge (colors) continue to present to us the standard of art we have been used to seeing from this series.  This story arc will conclude in issue #23, slated to be released sometime in October.  This is a great series, so head on over to your local comic shop and check it out today!

Source(Photo): Marvel Comics

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