Heven and Earth: Review of “Guardians of the Galaxy” #7

Previously:  The Guardians discover an entity heading toward Earth that happens to be of unknown origins.  Gamora meets the being in combat and seem to be evenly matched.  Meanwhile, Peter Quill meets with Thanos and learns the meaning behind his vision of the time break.  Quill returns just in time to help his Guardians defeat and detain this unknown being.

The Guardians are all back together now, but have an unusual guest.  While bantering about what to do with said guest, she identifies herself as Angela and tells them her story and place of origin, Heven.  She cannot explain how she arrived and cannot believe that Earth, a myth to her and her kin, actually exists.  Her fate and freedom lay in the Star Lord’s hands himself, who, like always, has a plan. guardiansofthegalaxy7

Brian Michael Bendis (writer) pens a great story of discovery between Angela and the Guardians.  Sara Pichelli (art), Valerio Schiti (art), and Justin Ponsor (color), keep producing the sleek look and layout readers have come to expect in this great series.  There is also a Lego Variant which pays homage to Invincible Iron Man #80.  Buckle up Guardian fans, because the next issue will finally be thrown into Infinity on October 30th!!  This is one of Marvel’s best books out today, so get on over to your local comic shop and check it out!

Source(Photo): Marvel Comics

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