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We complete our top-of-the-line round-up of great indie titles this week with some 8/10 spectacular stories from the world of indie comics! We’ll lead off with:

CAPTAIN MIDNIGHT #17 (Dark Horse) – Jim Albright is doing his best to adjust to life in the 21st century, and he even goes out on a date…that is interrupted by an offer from one of his most powerful enemies for help! Can he trust this enemy…and will he ever forgive his team for interrupting that date? I have really gotten into this character (incidentally, one with a true golden age past as well) – there is a warmth to this protagonist that is every bit as good as the action sequences. Joshua Williamson does an excellent job with the script, with dimply amazing artwork by Fernando Dagnino (with colors by Javier Mena). 8/10

DEAD LETTERS #6 (BOOM!) – Sam has snitched and narc’d on just about everyone and everything, so it’s no surprise that he isn’t the most popular guy around…and in THIS world, that’s an even more dangerous position to find oneself in. Still, he has to find the Saints of Nowhere…and this story mixes the supernatural with noir with deadly efficiency. It’s a great tale by Christopher Sebela, illustrated exceptionally well by Chris Visions (with colors by Matt Battaglia). 8/10

RED SONJA: THE BLACK TOWER #3 (Dynamite) – Keep in mind, this series tells the tale of the day Sonja died…really? Just check out THIS issue, with an amazingly powerful ending. We find a Red Sonja much farther along in her life (and death) story, with insanely intense battles. A great tale by Frank Tieri with art by Cezar Razek and colors by Salvatore Aiala Studios. 8/10

SHINOBI: NINJA PRINCESS #3 (Action Lab) – This is a beautifully illustrated tale, written and drawn by Martheus Wade and colored by Janet Wade. Shainndrea has never felt special, even though she is truly someone very special. This issue, she learns the tale of an ancestor who went through the very same troubles…and came out a true hero! This is a great story, easily worth at least an 8/10

SIDEKICK #9 (Image/Joe’s Comics) – The former Flyboy is getting closer and closer to the supposedly-dead-but-very-much-alive Red Cowl, and THIS issue shows just how powerful the artwork in a comic can be…the script is found in the art direction in a tale with no word balloons, no thought balloons…just outstanding storytelling through the artwork. J. Michael Straczynski was looking to do this kind of issue – and he succeeds beyond anyone’s expectations. That is in no small measure thanks as well to the outstanding artwork of Tom Mandrake (with colors by HiFi). This partnership has deconstructed the concept of the sidekick in a deliciously entertaining and riveting story. 8/10

That’s it for the Great Eights this week, but don’t worry – you’ll find even more news, reviews and commentary all week here at TMStash!

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Ed is a long-time comics collector, going back to the days when comics were only 12 cents. He reviews DC titles and a variety of Indie publishers here at TMStash.

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