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We complete our top-of-the-line round-up of great indie titles this week with some 8/10 spectacular stories from the world of indie comics! We’ll lead off with:

BUTTERFLY #2 (BOOM!/Archaia) – Rebecca Faulkner, aka Butterfly, has come face to face with the father she thought had died years ago. Both have worked for the Project…can they be far behind? We learn what happened to her dad…and about his new family…as real danger is close at hand. Who do you trust? Who CAN you trust? This is an excellent story from Arash Amel and script writer Marguerite Bennett, illustrated well by Antonio Fuso and colored by Adam Guzowski.  There is so much underneath the surface of this story, well worth adding to the buy pile. 8/10

SHELTERED #12 (Image) – Victoria and Tab finally get to tell their story to the police. But, if you think that means we have a nice and tidy wrap-up to this tale…you have another thing coming. Keep in mind that Lucas and the rest of the group still in Safe Haven have nothing to lose…and a LOT of ammo. This is a riveting tale, brutal in it’s violence but delivering a dramatic intensity that is hard for any tale to match.  Co-creators Johnnie Christmas (illustrator) and Ed Brisson (writer/letterer) have an amazing story here, easily an 8/10

TWILIGHT ZONE #9 (Dynamite) – A new arc starts here from writer J. Michael Straczynski, illustrator Guiu Vilanova and colorist Vinicius Andrade, as a down-and-out private investigator is hired to solve the murder of a very rich man’s son…from 10 years ago! As he investigates, P.I. Roy Chambers receives a mysterious invitation…and for the rest you’ll just need to grab this issue. The story, and the series, effectively capture the spirit of the original Rod Serling series, and I’m looking forward to the next chapter of this tale. 8/10

That’s it for the Great Eights this week, but don’t worry – you’ll find even more news, reviews and commentary all week here at TMStash!

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Ed is a long-time comics collector, going back to the days when comics were only 12 cents. He reviews DC titles and a variety of Indie publishers here at TMStash.

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