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Welcome back to The Great 8s – our look at 8/10 rated indie comics you’ll find at your comic shop NOW! This week you’ll find LUMBERJANES #39 from BOOM! Box, and HERO KILLERS #2 from Dynamite! Let’s get started with…

LUMBERJANES #39 (BOOM! Box) – The Lumberjanes finally find out who has been playing all those pranks on them…and they learn about the mystery behind that scavenger hunt list. And as always, if you think that even gives you half of the story for this issue – think again! LUMBERJANES continues to be one of the most fun titles in comics, with a quirky quality that only makes their characters more endearing. Shannon Watters and Kat Leyh continue their run with another excellent script, with great artwork by Ayme Satuyo (colors by Maarta Laiho). 8/10

HERO KILLERS #2 (Dynamite) – The world has irrevocably changed for these young sidekicks…one of their own has apparently killed his mentor! In a town where there are more heroes than villains, and where everyone is fighting for attention (and the money that goes with the fame), one sidekick has had enough…and he’s dragging his friends into this mess along with him? This series starts with a funny premise – all these heroes competing to be the one with the key to the city – and instantly takes it down a much darker road. It’s a great series, created by Ryan Browne and Pete Woods. 8/10

That’s it for the Great 8’s – also check out our 10 SPOT and PRESSED TO THE 9’s lists for more of the best in indie comics today!

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