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Welcome back to The Great 8s – our look at 8/10 rated indie comics you’ll find at your comic shop NOW! This week you’ll find D4VEOCRACY #3 and THE COMIC BOOK HISTORY OF COMICS #6, both from IDW, and DOLLFACE #4 from Action Lab’s Danger Zone imprint. This week we include input from mega-reviewer Stacy “Geeky Goddess” Lott! Let’s get started with…

D4VEOCRACY #3 (IDW) – D4ve’s society continues to fall apart, with an election looming. But, it isn’t the Russians who are hacking the election…someone is hacking, well, everyone! Yes, you’ll see plenty of parallels to certain current events – but you’ll also see the awesomeness that is this flawed but wonderful character of D4ve.  This has been a favorite character of mine since page one of the first series. Check out D4VEOCRACY and you’ll see what I mean. Ryan Ferrier scripts D4VEOCRACY, with art and colors by Valentin Ramon. 8/10

DOLLFACE #4 (Action Lab/Danger Zone) – ” I think this book is on the fast track to becoming a cult classic hit and you don’t want to miss out, so pick up your copy now!” CLICK HERE for Stacy “Geeky Goddess” Lott’s FULL 8/10 review!

THE COMIC BOOK HISTORY OF COMICS #6 (IDW) – Writer Fred Van Lente and artist Ryan Dunlavey (with colors by Adam Guzowski) carry us through the Pop Art age and straight into the underground comics movement of the 1960’s. Let’s just say this – THE COMIC BOOK HISTORY OF COMICS should be required reading for anyone who wants to call themselves a real fan of comics. The series should be the textbooks for a college class on comics. It’s fun, informative, and full of the wicked sense of humor that Van Lente brings to his writing. Do not miss it! 8/10

That’s it for the Great 8’s – also check out our 10 SPOT and PRESSED TO THE 9’s lists for more of the best in indie comics today!

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