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Welcome back to The Great 8s – our look at 8/10 rated indie comics you’ll find at your comic shop NOW! This week you’ll find CANNIBAL #5 from Image, DOCTOR WHO: THE ELEVENTH DOCTOR ADVENTURES YEAR THREE #5 from Titan, and AMERIKARATE #3 from Action Lab’s Danger Zone imprint! Let’s get started with…

CANNIBAL #5 (Image) – It’s love, death, and eating flesh in a series that adds both sentience and regret to one of the movie world’s best horror monsters…these are no mere zombies, and their lives are infinitely more complex because of it. This is tearing apart hearts and families as much as it is rending society into pieces. That complexity is part of what makes CANNIBAL so great. Written by Jennifer Young and Brian Buccellato, and illustrated by Matías Bergara with colors by Bucellato, this is a wonderfully creepy story with all the gore (and all the emotion) one could ask of a series. 8/10

DOCTOR WHO: THE ELEVENTH DOCTOR ADVENTURES YEAR THREE #5 (Titan) – The Ood are attacking…which is, pardon the pun, odd! The Doctor and Alice take some serious risks to get to the bottom of this one, and it looks like we will have even more fun soon with this storyline. I really love the dedication of the creative teams behind the DOCTOR in all his incarnations at Titan – this is one excellent example. Written by James Peaty and illustrated by I.N.J. Culbard (with colors by Triona Farrell), this DOCTOR WHO series pays excellent homage to the television adventures we so greatly enjoy. Don’t miss is! 8/10

AMERIKARATE #3 (Action Lab/Danger Zone) – AMERIKARATE is the most outstanding, over-the-top action series you’ll find at your comic shops today. It has all the amazing cheesiness that made martial arts films so fun back in the 80’s…and it comes with some of the best and most hilarious moments in comics to boot! If you want a serious story…what are you thinking? But, if you want 100% awesome, with 150% karate action, THIS is the book for you! Written by Corey Kalman & Brockton McKinney and illustrated by Devin Roth (with letters by Dave Dwonch), AMERIKARATE gives new meaning to “over-the-top”, “extreme action” and “wow, that really had to hurt!”  8/10

That’s it for the Great 8’s – also check out our 10 SPOT and PRESSED TO THE 9’s lists for more of the best in indie comics today!

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