The Graveyard Faction is Coming! (Review of “The Movement” #5)

movement 5 coverCoral City is becoming my favorite comics destination.  There is chaos in the streets, mayhem in the alleyways, and revolution in the air…what  more could you want?  Apparently, a lot…and the question is “just how far are you willing to go to make things right in your eyes?”  Speaking of eyes…the Cornea Killer is still out there, and may not be alone anymore.  That’s just a taste of what’s going down in Coral City in this issue of “The Movement”.


James Cannon has brought together his council…and some additional firepower to deal with the ever-spreading Movement, which now has inspired similar groups across the continent and even around the world.  Meanwhile, the Movement’s trial of the captured police officers has begun, followed by some real surprises.  Mouse is writing a love letter that is at once adorable and wildly funny (the letter alone is worth the price of the book).  Vengeance Moth shows part of her power set (don’t mess with the Moth, okay?).  And, we lead up to just what “additional firepower” means…will the Movement be able to stand against this threat?  You’ll really be glad you picked up this issue to find out more!

Gail Simone has created a must-see destination in the DC Universe, a town that has forgotten it’s moral center a long time ago and has no bright, shiny protector to clean things up.  The characters are compelling and the story line is gripping…this is easily one of my absolute favorite books, and for good reason.  Freddie Williams II has stellar pencils/inks that perfectly compliment this world and this storyline, with great color work from Chris Sotomayor.  If you haven’t checked out “The Movement” yet…you are missing out!

Ed is a long-time comics collector, going back to the days when comics were only 12 cents. He reviews DC titles and a variety of Indie publishers here at TMStash.

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