The Gifted: First Trailer

Fox’s new mutants television series, The Gifted, recently got a series order for the fall on FX after the viewing of the pilot.  To celebrate, they released a sneak peek with the promise of a trailer today and boy did they deliver.  The series centers around The Strucker Family whom end up on the run from a govermnent agency after an incident with bullies at school triggers their sons X-Gene, revealing both of their kids as mutants.  On the road, they will meet and recieve help from an underground network of mutants since the X-Men and Brotherhood’s existence seems to be in question.  It appears in the trailer that Reed Strucker works for the same agency that they are on the run from.  There’s also a couple cool shots of Polaris, sans green hair, in a plastic-like plastic bag/container along with a couple shots of Blink.  I really feel like this trailer hit all the right notes while the show seems to have has a solid cast with some cool characters and a driving story that appears to be true to mutant struggle.

The show is written by Matt Nix, directed by Brian Singer, and stars Stephen Moyer (Reed Strucker),  Amy Acker (Caitlin Strucker), Natalie Alyn Lind (Lauren Strucker), Percy Hynes White (Andy Strucker), Jamie Chung (Clarise Fong/Blink), Blair Redford (John Proudstar/Thunderbird), Sean Teale (Marcos Diaz/Eclipse) Emma Dumont (Lora Dane/Polaris), & Coby Bell (Jace Turner).  This looks to be worth the watch this fall on FX.


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