Geeky’s Weekly Indie Picks (New Comic Book Day)


Yours truly the Geeky Goddess is back at it again this week. I’m reading a stack of popular indie titles and giving you a run down on some of my new favorites that I would recommend picking up. If your looking for a new book to add to your pull list or just want a quickie, check out some of my top choices for this week. Lets get down to business with my indie picks for Christmas week 2016. As always I will give you my heads up spoiler warning, there will be spoilers ahead! 

**Scoring a perfect 10 for me this week is Joyride #8 from the dynamic writing duo of Jackson Lanzing and Collin Kelly, along with the uber talented art of Marcus To. This book was off the charts with the feels this week and required its own review, which you can read right here.

*Star Trek/Green Lantern- Stranger Worlds #1* Written by Mike Johnson* Art by Angel Hernandez* IDW Publishing along with DC Entertainment* 

I want to talk about this huge crossover event from IDW and DC Entertainment. This isn’t the first time the crew of the U.S.S. Enterprise has crossed paths with Green Lanterns. The Spectrum War was a 6 part epic crossover event last year so big, they had to do it again. Picking up after the events of that war, Stranger Worlds deals with life for many of the Lanterns stranded in this alternate reality. Guy, Hal, John and the gang are doing their best to fit in and even help out at Starfleet Academy. The scenes with Guy trying to teach are priceless, he’s such a cocky bastard but I just love him.

Meanwhile, as Guy tries to shape the young minds of tomorrow (shudders at the thought), Hal is in space with Captain Kirk and the crew of the Enterprise. They are doing what’s necessary to help Kirk, even with their rings ever increasingly diminishing power. Without their power sources to recharge their rings, no Lantern is safe. It’s fun to watch Hal and Kirk butt heads; what can I say I love those hard headed men. Then a secret is discovered that might save the Lanterns but Sinestro is after it as well. It’s a race to find Oa, and may the best Lantern win. Doesn’t matter what reality they are in Sinestro and the Green Lantern Corps will always be at war. This crossover has amazing artwork to compliment the engaging subject matter. I’m entranced with Star Wars/Green Lantern: Stranger Worlds. This book scores a 9/10 for me! I plan on picking up a copy for myself.

*Animosity #4* Written by Marguerite Bennett *Art by Rafael De Latorre* Aftershock Comics*

Marguerite Bennett continues her tale of the animal awakening in Animosity #4 out this week for new comic book day Wednesday. Paired with the brilliant art from Rafael De Latorre, this book continues to be on my pick list for sure. This issue gets a little bit interesting as we see an amazingly heart felt flashback to when Jessie first adopted Sandor. These panels just tug on your heartstrings in all the right ways but set up some major shade that is being cast in Sandor’s direction. Up until this point he has been nothing but Jessie’s stalwart and true savior.  But every great hero has to have their valor called into question at some point, and even this dog is gonna have his day.

With things quickly falling apart between the animals and the humans it is super imperative that Sandor and Jessie get moving. They now have a following and it seems the next part of their journey is going to be by whale. Somehow Sandor secures a whale of a ride for this wayward group of misfits. How long till his secret comes out? Are Jessie’s parents really dead? There are more questions than we have answers at this point, including the humans are claiming to know what caused the uprising. They also claim to know how to fix the animals, which is only going to make them even more of a target. Something tells me the animals do not want to be fixed.

This is the brilliance of a well written book such as Animosity. Bennett continues to lay ground work and keeps the readers head filled with questions. Along with the great variant covers available for this book, it is near impossible to not want to pickup a copy. Animosity #4 scores a 9/10 for me this week as well, and will continue to find a home in my personal collection.

*Vampblade #11* Written by Jason Martin* Art by Marco Maccagni* Action Labs/DangerZone*

Last but not least is one of my favorite mature titles Vampblade. Issue #11 is out this week and features some great variant cover artwork from Dan Mendoza, Winston Young and Tim Fischer. The artwork alone is enough to get these books, but there is also a great story too. When I say mature, I don’t joke around. There is nudity, violence, gore, and even a very funny masturbation scene. I don’t get to say that with a straight face very often. That is one of the reasons I adore Vampblade so much. It is just so much fun to read! The world takes itself so seriously and here comes along a book that just lets it all hang out. I’m A-OK with that.

This week Katie gets herself into quite the sticky situation (still trying to keep a straight face here). She has to face off against her strongest threat to date and her biggest concern is which costume to choose. She’s just learned that the Vampblade can pretty much morph into any look that suits Katie, but she always ends up looking like a sexed up BDSM star. She’s been a Deadpool knockoff, a spider, a bat and a ninja. It’s quite humerus to me. If your looking for a small escape from the hum-drum boring, everyday you can’t go wrong with Vampblade. I give issue #11 an 8/10 this week. My risque cover awaits me at my local comic book shop SoCal Games and Comics.

There you have it my naughty nerds, Geeky’s Weekly pics for new comic book day. If you have something else you’d like to add to my list please feel free to drop me a line, I’d love to hear what you all are reading right now. Don’t be shy I don’t bite…..much.

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