Game of thrones, over the wall. “The kings of castmere”

Life as a stark, or a stark bastard, in Westeros has never been easy. I may be alone here, but as I watched last weeks train wreck I was genuinely excited to see the reunion of Arya and her mother and brother as well as Jon and Bran, even if it were pure happen stance that their paths crossed. However, things in Westeros don’t have happy endings.

Arya Stuck with her nemesis, the hound, our wanna be assassin was but a stones throw away from her family. However, by the time she arrives she might as well have been a world away. Arriving just in time to watch her brothers army, and direwolf, being slaughtered. While unfortunate, we do get to see her put her skills to the test be disappearing into the shadows long enough to be rescued, yet again, by a man she loathes. Where will her future take her? I’m sure but now that she’s not worth anything I’m interested in seeing how she bonds with the hound.

Jon The ultimate traitor/double agent, Jon Snow is put into a situation where must show his true colors. While trying to steal horses, the wildlings force him to slaughter an innocent man. Of course, our hero would not do this. Causing a battle in which he turns betrays Ygritte. While she does take his side, proving she is committed to him, he knocks her down to spare her life. The best part of the fight, and one of the best lines in the episode, happens when Jon kills Orell while telling him he was right about him since the beginning. Jon then rides off. What are his true intentions? Not sure but I’d wager he’s wanting to warn people of the coming troubles from north of the wall.

Bran While not always the most interesting character it would be wrong to not mention his new found skill. While hiding out in a windmill, right beside Jon’s fight, we learn that that Bran has the ability to take over human minds. While trying to keep Hodor from giving away their location Bran travels into his mind to put Hodor to sleep. We learn after the action cools down that he is the only person to ever be able to do that. What does this mean for him? Big things I’m sure. What’s great about it is that he’ll be able to use “his” legs again.

Robb and Catelyn I’m sure no one needs a refresher on what happened to the King of the North, his mother, and his army last week. It may have been the biggest moment in the show since the execution of Ned. For those of us who haven’t read the books we sat with our jaws on the floor as the Lannister theme is being played as the wedding had came to an end. Watching two of the biggest players in the game of thrones being completely taken out of game was just brutal. It reminded me there will probably not be a happy ending for the seven realms. However brutal the scene was, I’ll have to admit it was an amazing twist and worth ever hard second of watching it.

With the season finale happening tonight I can honestly say I’m not ready. After watching Robb being murdered I can also honestly say I have no idea what will happen this week, and I don’t even want to speculate. It’s going to be amazing and I know all of you will be sitting in front of your television to see the aftermath of the massacre.

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