Game of Thrones, Over the Wall: ‘The climb’

Game of Thrones never disappoints, is a phrase I think each and every week.  This week is no different.  While most of this episode is spent fleshing out the story with spoken dialog, watching Jon Snow finally climb the wall was all the action I needed.   This episode is a great reminder that even without the big action and death, Game of Thrones, is absolutetly thrilling.  In fact, the writers have me dying to know who will be the final victor of the Iron throne.

game_of_thrones_the_climb__spanJon Snow:  Jon Snow found love last week.  This week, he and his love, along with other “Northerners” finally make it to the wall.  Before the climb we witness a touching scene between Snow and Ygritte in which she calls Snow on his loyalty.  She quickly lets him know she doesn’t care where his loyalty lies as long as its with her.  She seems to understand that they are essentially foot soldiers in a bigger game.  What she cares more for is making it to the top of the wall.  While the climb is treacherous, almost doing in Snow and Ygritte, the ending scene is just amazing.  Showing the contrast of the lands of each side of the wall.  This part of the story has been the most exciting part to me since the first episode.  While I personally feel like we haven’t seen enough of Snow throughout the series I believe he will become more important in each coming week.

Tywin Lannister: To simply put it, Tywin is taking control of the iron throne.  We saw this begin last week with him telling Cersie and Tyrion how it is.  This week we witness nearly the same scene with Tywin putting Lady Olenna in her place.  Of course, Tywin gave her a choice first, but ,showing true power, after she turns his offer down he forces her hand to do what he had asked in the first place.  Again, this shows who is really in control over the Iron Throne.  The Tyrant king could even be bothered to notice.  He’s to busy killing prostitutes.The-Climb-3x06-game-of-thrones-34420844-1368-1000

Didn’t get enough Arya Stark? Well, neither did I.  While this episode did neglect many of our favorite characters, at least they didn’t kill any off.  That means tonight we have more chances to progress each of our favorites stories, although for fans of Theron Greyjoy the future does not seem bright.


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