Legion Villain is The Shadow King

If you’re like me then you’re hooked on David Haller’s struggle with his schizophrenia paired with his nearly limitless power set and personalities that draw upon them.  Ya know, Legion.  This show has stood out by going outside of the box when it comes to the comic book genre of television and has hit a home run as far as I’m concerned.  This gamble has been rewarded with a green light for a second season.  During the course of this ride the viewers have been on, the demon with the yellow eyes who’s set up shop within David’s mind has become one of the creepiest things on television.  Fans have been debating on whether this is the long shot theory of Mojo, who looks VERY similar to him but is ruled out due to the fact that these two characters have never interacted in the comics and would make zero sense in this particular story.  Another possibility has been that this could be a version of either Jack Wayne or Cyndi, two of his more villainous personalities.  However, the latest episode all but confirms that David is dealing with nome other than long time X-Men villain, The Shadow King.

First appearing in Uncanny X-Men #117, The Shadow King is a collective manifestation of the dark side of our thoughts, specifically coming from the very first nightmare ever.  To exist in our realm, The Shadow King must inhabit various hosts.  In 1971 Charles Xavier has a run-in with the Shadow Kings host in Egypt, a mutant telepath named Amahl Farouk.  The two meet after a young Storm unsuccessfully tries to pick Xaviers pocket.  Having a difference of opinion on how to best use their gifts, the two take to combat on the Astral Plane.  Xavier wins, leaving the Shadow King trapped in the Astral Plane and goes on to create the X-Men because this was his first encounter with an evil mutant.  Throughout the years, The Shadow King finds new hosts and new ways to torment Xavier, the X-Men, and eventually Legion.  The show has already introduced us to the Astral Plane and the latest episode contained a monologue from the demon that pretty much spelled out his true identity.  “I knew your father, did you know that?  Your real father, the guy who gave you away.  I know, boo-hoo.  Talk about an asshole; always acting so holy, and then gives away his only son.  He thought he could hide you from me, but he was wrong.  I found you.” Check and mate.  The only question we have left is will David be able to break free of The Shadow Kings control, or will Patrick Stewart be tapped to cameo as Xavier and help his son while giving the show a solid connection to the FoX-Men Universe?  I certainly hope so.

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