“Double Jumpers” TPB from Action Lab’s Danger Zone!

double jumpers tpb vol 1As fans of this site will recall from our interview with Action Lab’s Creative Director Dave Dwonch, work has already begun on the second volume of “Double Jumpers”, and exceptional series from Action Lab’s ‘Danger Zone’ imprint.  While we wait for Volume 2 to come out, Action Lab is bringing forward a TPB of Volume 1 – with all four issues from the original story arc!

“Double Jumpers” is the story of video game creators who are pulled into their own game…while the personalities of the characters they created now inhabit their bodies in the real world!  Each issue begins with a glimpse of the story’s end…just enough to tantalize the reader with “What in the WORLD would cause THIS to happen?”  We see the creators trying to find their way out of the game they themselves have created (along with one poor intern who has been pulled into the game alongside them).  Meanwhile, we see the chaos that can be created when the oversized personalities of video game characters take on human form and invade…Las Vegas!

This story is amazing from beginning to end, with equal parts action, humor and moments where you will simply be left saying “I can’t believe what just happened”.  As part of the ‘Danger Zone’ imprint, “Double Jumpers” is most definitely a title for big folks…in fact, this title is one of the reasons the ‘Danger Zone’ imprint was created.  But, it is also a terrific read from start to finish – and after reading this TPB I think you’ll agree it is a very good thing that there will be a Volume 2.

Dave Dwonch writes the script for this series (based on original concepts by Dwonch and Shawn Pryor) with art by Bill Blankenship.  The artwork is what you would hope to see in a comic based in part on video games, and the pacing of the story never truly lets up.  This is a great series – be sure to ask your LCS to add “Double Jumpers” from Action Lab to your pull list.

Ed is a long-time comics collector, going back to the days when comics were only 12 cents. He reviews DC titles and a variety of Indie publishers here at TMStash.

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