Dollface #4 (MATURE REVIEW) *Mendoza* Seaton* Action Lab/Danger Zone

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Dollface is created and written by Dan Mendoza and Bryan Seaton* With art by Dan Mendoza* Published by Action Lab/Danger Zone

**Warning**Dollface is full of half naked, partially dead, re-animated females and a whole heap of bad language too! This review is meant for mature readers only! 

If you love Zombie Tramp and Vampblade then you should be reading the newest book from the creative mind of Dan Mendoza. Dollface: Ball-Jointed Witch Hunter is a funny, sexy, witty, smart, filthy book! I say filthy in the best way possible because the language even makes me blush sometimes. Janie Belle (Zombie Tramp) has been guest staring in Dollface lately, and between the two girls there isn’t a panel without something that makes my jaw drop. I love that I can be caught off guard with some of the sh*t that comes out of these girls f*cking mouths.

Lila (Dollface) is just so wickedly cute and adorable she blows my mind. What really draws me to this book is the bright bold art, the hilarious shenanigans, the language and even the boobs! I’m sorry (not sorry) but Janie has some amazingly well drawn zombie tits (thank you Dan). I literally can’t look away, and I’m sure if you pick up a copy of Dollface you would agree. Everything about this book is so much damn fun, it just makes me smile.

Dollface #4 is a fast paced, fun ride. The artwork is stunning, the script is sharp and witty. Just like with Zombie Tamp and Vampblade, Dollface comes with some amazing (risque) variant covers each month. Drawn by some uber talented artists like Bill McKay, Marcelo Trom and of course the man himself Dan Mendoza. For all these reasons I give this issue an 8/10. Just one more warning about the mature content of this book, it really should be enjoyed by mature readers 17 and up in my honest opinion. Dollface even made TMStash’s list of the top 17 new books you should be reading in 2017.  I think this book is on the fast track to becoming a cult classic hit and you don’t want to miss out, so pick up your copy now!

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