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As always I will do my best to remain spoiler free, but just in case, potential SPOILER ALERT  for Doctor Strange ahead:
Aside from the few Defender comics I’ve read, I know very little about Doctor Strange. Obviously I’m aware he is the sorcerer supreme, but I didn’t really know about his origins. Originally I thought he was a PHd. not a medical doctor, so needless to say I had very few expectations for this movie. And because this is a character I knew very little about, I decided to go in blind.
I have to say though, I really enjoyed this movie. Benedict Cumberbatch did an excellent job, and his American accent was actually convincing. The cast was overall very strong, and despite the obvious controversy of Tilda Swinton not being Taiwanese, she did the best she possibly could be as the ancient one. I’m always happy whenever Rachel McAdams is in a movie, but she did an excellent job in her supporting role of Christine, and I hope to see more of her. Mads Mikkelsen was difficult to take seriously because of his role in Casino Royale. But he bulked up a lot and made an excellent disciple of Dormammu

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The score was fantastic, and actually one of the more memorable Marvel has produced recently. But by far one of my favorite elements were the effects. I fully expected to have to sit here and tear them apart, because of the high need for cgi. But they were honestly very solid and I give a sincere kudos to ILM for making consistent reality shifting look believable.
There were some issues of course. The camera moved around a LOT and became difficult to follow during some of the convoluted moments. This was really aggravating, though not all together unavoidable. Dormammu suffered from the same issues that Galactus had in that terrible Fantastic Four movie everyone forgot about. What was that called again, “rise of the giant non threatening gas cloud?”
And like a lot of reviewers, the movie owed a debt of gratitude to Inception, Matrix, and Dark City before it. I fully expected Chris Nolan’s name to show up somewhere in the credits under the tagline, “been there done that.”
Dark City: 1998
Inception: 2010
Doctor Strange: 2016
Overall though, I really did enjoy it. It’s among the strongest entries in the MCU and certainly the best since Ant-Man. It was wonderfully sarcastic and I look forward to future interactions within the MCU. And considering the 90% Rotten Tomato rating, the inevitable storm of sequels to come!

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