Deadpool 2 Casting Rumor: Janelle Monáe New Front Runner For Domino

The Hashtag Show is at it again with casting rumors for Fox’s Deadpool 2.  Nearly a month ago they broke the news that Kerry Washington was the front runner for the role of Domino in Deadpool 2.   Their mysterious source has now informed them that Kerry Washington is no longer up for the role and the new front runner is Janelle Monáe.  However, she is probably now on the front funner list for every casting call she qualifies for.  Monáe rose from that dancing girl in the Pepsi commercial to Hollywood starlet when both her movie, Hidden Figures, and Moonlight received Best Picture nominations and a dramatic win for the latter.  It is not surprising that she is being eyed for what may be one of the top female roles for Deadpool 2.

It must be noted that the Kerry Washington scoop was never confirmed or denied, and this source remains unnamed.  If we have learned anything about unnamed sources in the last two months it is that they should be regarded as a threat to national security and not added to IMDB quite yet.

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