Day 6 of the Dan Slott Region gives us SUPERIOR SPIDER-MAN vs BLADE!  YOU DECIDE THE WINNER!

Polls are open NOW and will close on Monday night March 24th at 11 PM Eastern Time USA!  Tell your friends…and be sure to VOTE!  Also, watch for our other face-offs today and every day!

Superior Spider-Man may have Peter Parker’s body, but its Doc Ock in control!  Otto Octavius has taken over Peter Parker’s body, allowing him to apparently die in the process.  He now has all the powers of Spider-Man, but a decidedly different approach to crime-fighting.  Although this isn’t slated to last much longer (with Peter Parker returning to control his own destiny), this has nonetheless been a highly successful storyline for writer Dan Slott (after whom this region is named).  The Superior Spider-Man first appeared in this form in AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #700.

Blade may be best known to the general public through the movies that bear his name, but before that he was already in Marvel Comics as Eric Brooks, a vampire hunter with exceptional skills.  Due to enzymes that were passed on to him during birth as a vampire attacked his mother, he is immune to the bites of most vampires.  Later, he was given superhuman strength, skill and agility.  His favorite weapons have been knives and daggers, earning him his nickname “Blade”.   Blade first appeared in THE TOMB OF DRACULA #10 in 1973.

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