Dare to Dream: Review of “Amazing Spider-Man” #1.1

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Previously:  In the pages of Amazing Spider-Man #1 is a prelude to this tale called Learning to Crawl.  We see a young man, Clayton, who’s a home schooled genius.  He see’s the very first appearance of Spider-Man at a wrestling show.  This kid is completely won over by how amazing Spider-Man is that he attends every event.  It’s only after receiving his autograph that he begins to believe that if spidey can do it, so can he…

Peter Parker has just become Spider-Man.   However, he isn’t the crime fighting hero that we all know and love yet.  He is still struggling with the recent death of his Uncle Ben.  This has led him to performing acts of entertainment to help take care of his Aunt Mae.  Little does he know that his acts are inspiring a young genius who begins to believe that he can one day be like his hero.  All he has to do is modify some tech, practice, and make sure to have a good costume. amazingspiderman Looks like we got another mask on our hands folks!

DanSlott (writer) continues to put out quality material for Spider-Man.  He continues to find and create creative and innovative stories to tell in spideys world.  I cannot wait to see what happens next!  Ramon Perez (art) and Ian Herring (color) have put some good work into this book that follows the first days of our favorite web slinger!  The story continues in the pages of Amazing Spider-Man #1.2, due to hit shelves June 4th.  This is a great story for all fans of Spider-Man, so head on over to your local comic shop and pick up your copy today.

(Marvel Comics)

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