Danger Decides: The Walking Dead Season 7 Premiere

AMC’s The Walking Dead, Episode 7.1 The Day Will Come When You Won’t Be

Created by Robert Kirkman, Tony Moore and Charlie Adlard

Dangerous Perspective: The season finale of season 6 of The Walking Dead had the promise of being one of the greatest episodes in TV history.  This was the moment that the most watched cable show finally caught up with the centennial issue of the comic it was based off of.  After an entire season of teasing and anticipation, the survivors of Alexandria were going to finally meet Negan.  A moment that lived in comic history due to first appearance of Negan who proceeds brutally beat fan favorite Glen to death.  It was not promised that it would be Glen in the show but the fact was the fans expected, correction, were owed something big for sitting through the season of teases.  Regardless of if we were entitled or not it was expected to see a major character fall and that is exactly what happened.  However, it was not expected to have to wait 6 months to learn the name of which character had fallen.  Unfortunately, Scott M. Gimple and team felt that the fans needed a cheap cliffhanger to bring them back and did not trust that he could give the world such a finale that we would want to come back from.

This Episode:  Here we are after 6 months of theorizing who it may be and complaining to anyone who will listen.  Now wondering if we will finally learn who died and if it will be enough to restore the momentum they decided to kill instead.

Here we go, it’s time to see if the show lived up to the hype!  Two commercials in and still nothing and by this point I was fuming, seriously was 6 months not long enough?  They have to be messing with us at this point, maybe pay back for all the nasty tweets and unforgiving articles after last season.  Well right when many were probably thinking, ok time to take to social media, it finally happened.   Negan brought down his bat crushing the skull of…Abraham?  Really?  Abraham? All this wait and they decide to kill a middle of the road character with no major story line.  This is the moment where I am seeing red and about to quit the entire franchise and then they did it to us.  Lucille is still thirsty and now it is time to give the fans what they thought they would want.  With uncanny accuracy to the comic Glen is claimed as victim number two of Negan’s vampire bat.

The next 40 minutes are a very uncomfortable battle of Negan trying to subdue Rick while putting the viewers through a game of “who is going to lose their hand?””    I find it hard to believe that anyone actually wanted or needed to see a hatchet amputation, and fortunately for us the show runners finally decided to make the right call.   It finally ended with a broken Rick and all hands intact. It is amazing that this was the tipping point for this character, not watching his two friends get beaten to a point of literal overkill.sorry-this-is-kinda-scarring-even-in-drawing-form


  • Carl may be a bigger bad ass than dad. “Just do it”
  • Jeffery Dean Morgan brings something fresh to an otherwise tiring scenarios


  • Not killing Abraham in the finale and saving just Glen’s death for this premiere

Final Decision:  They got me!  I will be the first to admit that they had me all fired up and believing that Abraham was the only victim, then they pulled the rug out from under me by killing Glen, leaving me feeling stupid.  But that is exactly my issue with the direction of this show.  They are treating us like we are dumb and doing things with a bit of arrogance.  This frustrates me most because part of me truly enjoyed this episode.  It got my heart rate up and gave me a death scene that was almost verbatim to The Walking Dead #100 issue. However, there is still that part of me that wonders if this is too little too late.  I was told by another fan that the finale was done well because it was all about Rick and not the victim(s).  He said that we needed to see Rick as he realizes the actual weight of the situation, which I can see his reasoning with this desperate grasp to believe the finale didn’t disappoint.  However, that is exactly what half of last night’s episode was about as well.  Bottom line is that last night’s premier entertained me and satisfied what I needed to see, it was just 6 months late and that fact will always loom over this series like a black cloud.


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  • Reply October 24, 2016

    Dallin Turner

    First of all, how dare you call Abraham a “middle of the road” character? He was wonderful and awesome, and will be sorely missed on this show!

    Second, and most important, why do people keep calling the cliffhanger cheap? Are all cliffhangers cheap? Or are there good cliffhangers out there that aren’t considered cheap?

    In the case of the Walking Dead TV show, a cliffhanger was necessary to set up an exciting season 7 premiere. What happens immediately after the Negan attack? Nothing. People sit around and cry, then go home. That would have sucked as a season premiere.

    This cliffhanger gave us something to talk about all summer, and when we finally got here, we were treated to a shocking, incredible episode that stayed true to the comics, while also adding in a new twist. It was everything I hoped for as a fan of the comics and the show. I don’t see how it treated the audience like it was dumb. You need to explain that comment.

  • Reply October 25, 2016

    Nick "Danger" Doran

    Thank you for your reply Dallin. First of all thank you for visiting our site! I would like to give the disclaimer that my opinions come as a reader of the comics first and I have specific expectations, even unrealistic ones.

    I am sorry if I lessened Abraham’s character in anyway. My opinion was just that the death needed to be an original main character and Abraham just has never had as heavy of an impact IMO. Though I will say he had the best one liners. Bisquick!

    The reason I did not enjoy the cliffhanger was because I think by leaving it as a cliffhanger it just angered fans. I think the buzz behind the season was here comes Negan and he is supposed to enter with a splash. So we were so concerned with who the victim was going to be and never thought about the fact that it may not happen until next season. This I felt let me down.

    Finally my comment about being treated dumb is that I feel the studio hopes we are dumber than we actually are. They hope that a big death here and cliffhanger there is all it will take to bring us back.

    However, this is all my opinion and I am glad there are fans like you who are willing to challenge fans like me. Also I really like your point on them just sitting around crying in the premiere. In the end, I think the way they could have made us both happy is by killing Abraham (sorry for your loss) in the finale then throwing Glen into the mix in the premiere.



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