Danger Decides: Southern Bastards #15, Gut Check

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Southern Bastards  #15, Gut Check, Part 1 by Jason Aaron & Jason LaTour.  Published by Image Comics.

Dangerous Perspective: I honestly can’t remember enough to have much of a perspective.  The last arc, “Home Coming”, was 6 issues and spanned over a year, ending 5 months ago.  This made it really hard for me to remember what was going on.  Here is what I do recall (past spoilers), Coach Boss lost the Home Coming after losing his mentor and defensive coordinator to suicide.  Earl Tubbs’ daughter, Berta, has come to town looking for answers of what happened to her father…I guess that wasn’t that hard to remember.

This issue:  This new arc starts with Berta looming around town while Coach Boss and the town deal with a new threat that is foreign  to them, losing high school football games.


  • The poetic like transitions from Coach to Berta and back.
  • Boss admitting what he is.
    • And declaring there is one thing that is actually sacred to him.
  • The increasing tension and question of, “when will they collide?!”

Final Decision:  I really enjoyed this issue, but I hope it is not a tease, we really need this series more often.  Now like I always say, I don’t understand the commitments or life events that the creative team may have going on so I can’t judge.  But with that said, I hope they would start this new arc with plans to release it on a somewhat normal schedule.  Enough of me complaining about not having enough of this fantastic series in my life, lets talk about how this new arc started off.  It wont be a long discussion, it started off great.  I really  like how things are shaping up around Coach Boss, promising to be a fantastic treat for the readers.  This issue was solid with clever writing and fantastic art per usual.

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