Danger Decides Movie Edition: The Lego Batman Movie.

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The Lego Batman Movie. Starring Will Arnett, Zach Galifianakis, Rosario Dawson, Michael Cera and Ralph Fiennes. Directed by Chris McKayProduced by Warner Bros.

Dangerous Perspective:

The Cowl of the Dark Knight has become a symbol of vigilantism, vengeance, justice and now humor.  After the great success of the Lego Movie, DC and Warner Brothers thought the world needed a spinoff starring Will Arnett’s scene stealing Batman.  Yeah, they were right.  The formula of having Arnett play a self absorbed Batman just worked so well that many people, adults and kids, will be lining up this weekend to catch the Dark Knight master build his way to the top of the box office charts.

The Plot: 

Batman is the coolest hero around, if you don’t believe it,  just ask Batman.  No one saves Gotham with more style and flare.  His greatest enemies can never get the best of him, especially Joker.  Yeah, life is good for Batman, a little lonely, but good.  Things all come to a head as the Joker plots his greatest caper yet, Gotham gets a familiar faced new commissioner and Bruce Wayne adopts a young ward by the name of Dick Grayson.  Now Batman must learn to overcome the challenges of balancing family life with protecting Gotham from the his toughest rogues gallery yet.

Final Decision:

This movie was not the best Batman movie (surprise) and not the best Lego movie.  I am not saying it was a bad movie, it was quite the opposite actually.  What I am saying is that it was it’s own movie, too funny to be compared to a Batman movie, too iconic to be compared to the Lego movie.   That is why this movie really worked,  it took all the fun aspects of the Lego movie and tied them well to the mythology of DC’s The Batman.

The film starts off so fast that you have no choice but to sit back and grin like an idiot as you get “kapowed” in the face by jokes one after another.  As far as opening sequences go, you can not get much more grand than this.  The joke speed settles down a bit after the first 20 minutes to allow for the plot set up.  That does not mean the humor stops, it just begins to pace itself and proceed at a manageable rate.  As the film progresses we are treated to many laughs and a story that is fluent and easy to get caught up in.  You almost forget how ridiculous it is that you are watching a comic book movie brought to life by a Danish child’s toy.

In the end I feel this movie passes all the tests to make it a fun film with re-watch-ability and comic nerd appeal.  The Lego Batman Movie was smart and witty as well as entertaining for all ages, no matter how cliche that sounds.  This movie had a wealth of comic rich references true to canon as well as some nods to the original Lego film.  On top of that, the biggest treat was all the voice cameos for a very deep cast of supporting characters and villains.

If you don’t have anything to do this weekend why not go help make this the top at the Box Office.


  • ‘Na na na na Na na na na BATMAN!’
  • Doug Benson as Bane. Finally.
  • Shark repellent and dancing Adam West give you something to talk with your children about on the ride home
  • Our second animated incarnation of the Condiment King.
  • Warner Bro. willingness to tap their vast wealth of film properties.
  • A surprising reverence to DC Comics canon.
  • Billy Dee Williams as Two-Face. Finally.
  • Meow!


  • Will DC film please stop trying to make Barbra Gordon the love interest…read a comic book.
  • Will Arnett and Michael Cera working together on not-Arrested Development.
  • Inevitably falls short of the extremely high bar set by The Lego Movie.
  • Not kneeling before Zod.


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