Danger Decides: Loose Ends #1

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Loose Ends  #1 by Jason LaTour, Chris Brunner and Rico Renzi.  Published by Image Comics.

Dangerous Perspective: Who doesn’t like Jason Latour? Southern Bastards…good! Spider Gwen…good! From Marvel to Image the man has a history of producing quality comics.  So when I saw this book pop up in our previews I got pretty excited to see something new by him.  I am also excited to see more art by Chris Brunner, who was the guest artist on Southern Bastards #12.  Latour is also teaming up again with Spider Gwen’s fantastic colorist, Rico Renzi.

This issue:  Let me see if I can do this without stealing directly from the ImageComics.com description.  Loose Ends is a southern crime romance…damnit, I already failed…but seriously “southern crime romance” is just too good to not steal.  So yes, this book is a southern crime romance about a man named Sonny who is obviously up to no good which quickly escalates into a complete shit show when he walks into a small bar in God knows where South Carolina.  This is the beginning of a 4 part mini-series involving drugs, violence and daisy duke clad women.


  • I am now forever scared to go into a dive bar in South Carolina.
  • Without sounding too stalker-ish, I like Latour’s shout out to his Carolina Panthers and Steve Smith.
    • No matter how creepy the guy wearing the jersey is.
  • Renzi’s color is a spot on compliment to Brunner’s pencils.
  • We are getting a full mini-series of Brunner’s art.
  • Latour’s heartfelt letter about the journey he traveled to get this book out there.
    • Whatever the heartache involved, this book turned out amazing.  It was worth the wait man!
  • The feeling of a southern True Romance

Final Decision:  I can say that this is one of those books that went by way to quickly.  I got to the end so fast that I contemplated reading it again. But instead I just flipped through it again and enjoyed the art.  This book reads very similar to Southern Bastards but maintains it’s own identity.  The characters, though gritty and raw, definitely possess redeemable qualities that we will see down the road.  The art and story are done in a way that is both provocative and chilling.  As of now I do not see any reason why I am not going to go all in on this mini series.  Thanks guys for pouring it all into this one.

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