Danger Decides: Green Valley #1

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Green Valley #1 by Max Landis & Giuseppe Camuncoli.  Published by Image Comics

Dangerous Perspective: Max Landis is a very controversial personality in Hollywood that either has strong supporters and even stronger critics.  Regardless of your opinion of the man with the Mohawk you must acknowledge that he has a great passion and love for comic books and has some very unique ideas on how to bring these stories to life.  He most recently wrote Superman American Alien for DC, which I in fact enjoyed a lot.  Now he is coming at us with a creator owned title called Green Valley which many may have read the preview of in last week’s Image titles.

This issue:  We follow four elite knights as they protect their lands and king from a Barbarian horde.


  • Giuseppe Camuncoli’s art
  • The panes that were only Camuncoli’s art


  • The hipster haircuts. Knights are not synonymous with undercuts or beards with taper fades.
  • The never ending verbal nonsense being passed off as dialogue
  • Thinking this is a story that needs to be told

Final Decision:  My description for this issue is so short because that is pretty much it.  This premiere issue is 30+ pages of needless and casual dialogue.  Don’t get me wrong, I am a fan of clever dialogue, but the issue is that Landis tries to be too clever and comes off arrogant and redundant.  He tries so hard to make this book all about HIS writing, he failed to do the most important part, create an intriguing and original plot.  Sure he gives us the exposition and conflict but for me it was not convincing or mind blowing.  In the end you have a watered down plot with a little bit of action and whole lot of talking.  Landis is unable to persuade me to stick around for issue #2 and even worse, question if this was written by anyone else would Image have published it?  I don’t want to completely dismiss this book though,  it does contain some great artwork, even if they try to hide it behind an endless stream of speech bubbles.

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