Danger Decides: Extremity #1

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Extremity #1 by Daniel Warren Johnson.  Colors by Michael Spicer.  Published by Image Comics Skybound Entertainment.

Dangerous Perspective: Daniel Warren Johnson is a Chicago based artist who has worked on Dark Horse projects, The Ghost Fleet and Alabaster.  However, Johnson is best known for his online series Space Mullet.  This is a digital series in which he is the writer and illustrator of this sci-fi adventure that follows an Ex-Space Marine trucker, Jonah, and his alien co-pilot, Alphius as they attempt to do good across the Galaxy.  Now Johnson is bringing us his first creator owned print series via Image Comics.

This issue: Thea is a young artist and princess of her clan.  However, in this apocalyptic time, clans are warring all across the Floating Plaines.  When war strikes her homeland Thea loses her drawing hand and much more.  Now, with revenge in her heart, she must help her people take the skies as they rain revenge down on their enemies.

Final Decision:

This series is cool, all other descriptive words allude me.  The world that Daniel Warren Johnson has created is phenomenal on it’s own.  He has managed to meld a mid-evil aspect with a post-apocalyptic futuristic vibe.  It is the beginning of Gladiator meets Mad Max meets Waterworld (sans water).   Once you add in the revenge, honor, flying fortresses, and hyper-violence you have a home run.  The main character is likable and relatable.  She exhibits that heroic factor you want in a main character but is still very flawed and not yet polished.  The combination of Johnson’s art and Spicer’s colors is a fun event for the eyes.  This series is here to stay.


  • Floating Plaines! As in floating in the sky!
  • Guts, gore and beheading’s
  • Death from Above
  • Rey from Star Wars called and wants her hover bike back
  • Here, let me give you hand with that violin

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