Danger Decides: Deadly Class #27 SPOILERS

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Deadly Class  #27 by Rick Remender and Wes Craig.  Published by Image Comics.

Dangerous Perspective: We are well into the sophomore year for the students of Kings Dominion, at least for the ones that made it out of Freshman finals alive.  There is no doubt that Rick Remender broke many reader’s hearts in the first year, killing off enough beloved characters to get George R.R. Martin’s pulse racing.  The readers did not get a lot of time to mourn,  because over the last 4 issues we have been introduced to a new freshman class as well as seen how what is left of the sophomore class is welcoming them.  The new class of students offered a great new dynamic to the story and had us as readers moving forward rather than being stuck in the past.  The story built up nicely to last month’s issue #26, which had a shocking betrayal that left us in suspense…well keep waiting because this issue takes you somewhere else completely…somewhere that got me much too excited for a comic book.  What comes next involves spoilers, however, for a spoiler free review please click HERE.

This issue: This month we take a departure from the Saya story line, so if you are expecting to learn her fate you are going to have to keep waiting, probably for at least a couple more issues.  This week we follow a masked man who is mounting what appears to be an assassination attempt on a heavily fortified compound.  Very quickly I began to guess at whom our mystery assassin was and though I couldn’t be sure I was hoping beyond all hop that it was our original antagonist, Marcus.  But it can’t be Marcus, he died in issue #21, he was ran through by Saya’s sword.  But let’s table that and discuss what happens next when Remender and Craig really flip the script on us.  We quickly learn that a unnamed girl is being tortured in what appears to be the basement of this compound, is it Saya (I don’t see tattoos)? However, before we see a face, we learn that this assassination is actually a rescue mission as the masked infiltrator enters the room after a daring battle in the halls.  When he reaches the hostage every hair on my body stands up as they reveal the Sugar Skull painted face of Maria (who “died” in issue #13!)  She is alive and ready for revenge as she makes short work of her captor, Chico’s mother (she already killed Chico and her husband in earlier issues), using her deadly fan blades.  As she makes her escape, the mystery man removes his mask revealing a very alive Marcus!  Maybe Remender and Craig do have hearts.


  • Marcus is alive!
  • Maria is alive!
  • Though you may have predicted one big reveal I doubt you got both.
  • How does someone write characters so sadistic?
    • “Yer gonna jiggle an’ wiggle fer Jimbo”
    • Jason Aaron called and said Southern Bastards is missing a character.
  • Fan Blades!
  • #WHAaaaaaaaaT?
  • Marcus and Maria are Alive!

Final Decision:

I give this a 10.  We already know that Wes Craig’s art is amazing and that Remender tells a great story with deep characters.  This issue is being reviewed because it truly is the best issue.  This is because it truly shocked and amazed the readers.  I had a feeling Marcus was coming back but I thought my favorite character Maria was long dead.  For these guys to put out such a huge issue just a month after they just gave us a great twist shows why this is one of the best comic books on the market, period!   This may be the best issue of Deadly Class but it would not be possible without the first 26.  Again I have to thank Remender and Craig for breaking our hearts many issues ago only to put them back together with such a huge issue.

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