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Deadly Class  #27 by Rick Remender and Wes Craig.  Published by Image Comics.

Dangerous Perspective: We are well into the sophomore year for the students of Kings Dominion, at least for the ones that made it out of Freshman finals alive.  There is no doubt that Rick Remender broke many reader’s hearts in the first year, killing off enough beloved characters to get George R.R. Martin’s pulse racing.  The readers did not get a lot of time to mourn,  because over the last 4 issues we have been introduced to a new freshman class as well as seen how what is left of the sophomore class is welcoming them.  The new class of students offered a great new dynamic to the story and had us as readers moving forward rather than being stuck in the past.  The story built up nicely to last month’s issue #26, which had a shocking betrayal that left us in suspense…well keep waiting because this issue takes you somewhere else completely

This issue: Welcome to the spoiler free version of this review, this will be hard, hence my first ever spoiler version companion review.   As I mentioned above, the Saya story line is going to have to wait.  Remender and Craig switch gears and take us on a side story where they keep everything very ambiguous until the right moment.  Everything quickly makes sense as well as quickly blows you away.  If you thought last issue was good, just wait, things  keep getting better.  Things will most likely tie into the main story line, but that is all I can say without ruining the twist.


  • Spoiler censored
  • The art is great per usual
  • Spoiler censored
  • Jason Aaron called, Southern Bastards wants their character back
  • Spoiler censored

Final Decision:

This may be my favorite Deadly Class issue yet and that is saying a lot.  I recognize that without all the past issues this could not have been possible.  I have now read this issue 3 times and grin like an idiot every time.  I can’t get into much more without giving away what makes this issue so great, you just need to go out and get it.  If you do not read Deadly Class and this intrigues you, please start from #1.

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