Danger Decides: Deadly Class #22

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Deadly Class #22 by Rick Remender & Wes Craig.  Published by Image Comics.

Dangerous Perspective: After a couple months on sabbatical, Rick Remender and Wes Craig are back with the next chapter of Deadly Class.  This is a series that I binge read in it’s entirety while laying on a beach this summer.  After reading through it in record time I ended the first part of this series feeling a combination of sadness, awe and impatience.  This series is a coming of age story that takes place in the late 80’s.  It follows a group of students who are all attending King’s Dominion school for assassins in order to make their crime families happy and carry on their family legacy.  Though these students are being turned into killers they struggle with many of the same things most teens their age do, love, fitting and peer pressure.

On a very happy related point, there was some pretty big Deadly Class news over this sabbatical.  Remender and Craig announced that their series will be getting adapted into a television series by Sony Pictures TV and the Russo Brothers.

This issue:  The students of King’s Dominion school for assassins or what is left of them, have returned for their sophomore year.  After a very rough end to their freshman year, they have to deal with the outcome of their freshman final test and the potential new pecking order on campus.  They also have to size up the new crop of freshmen coming in.


  • A Freshman class!
  • A touching moment of loss
  • As always, Craig’s art and character design

Final Decision:  This issue is definitely a set up issue for the next chapter of the series.  There is some much needed cleanup from the last issue and some solid new character development.  In the end nothing too exciting or groundbreaking happens.  However, I believe this issue had to happen and with Remender and Craig’s track record I know this is to set up great things to come.

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