“Crossfire” – Quick Takes on SUPERGIRL S2 Ep5

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SUPERGIRL continues several storylines in this episode…MonEl gets a job, Cadmus ups the ante in a very dangerous way, James is inspired to…no, wait, I need to say this first…


NOTE: This review is being posted before the show airs on the West Coast USA – if you haven’t seen the show STOP NOW and come back later, okay?


Okay, now that THAT’s out of the way, let’s hit some high points from the episode before we get to some quick takes:

  • MonEl gets a job, trying to emulate Kara…very poorly. He is eventually fired, but not before some comedic (and at times questionable) moments involving “Mike” (MonEl) and Miss Tessmacher.
  • Cadmus is arming bad guys to sow fear and discontent in the populace. They want to end the Alien Amnesty Act, and the alien tech they have given to some run-of-the-mill crooks makes them especially dangerous.
  • In their first attack they beat back Supergirl’s attempts to bring them in…and in the process they also beat down James and crush his father’s camera. For some reason, this is the final straw for James, who decides to take the fight back to the bad guys.
  • James decides to take on a hero’s persona. It doesn’t work well at first, but by episode’s end Winn agrees to help him with a suit and some sort of weapon TBA.
  • Lena works with Kara…and Supergirl…toward a gala that she knows will be a target for the bad guys. This leads to “Operation Doubtfire” (love that reference) for both Kara and Supergirl to be at the party with Winn’s help.
  • Of course the attack happens at the gala. But, Lena has a plan, and a device of her own that saves the day!
  • Alex is beginning to realize she may have feelings for Maggie – but she still is trying to figure out if this reflects who she really is, if this indicates her own sexual preference.
  • Supergirl and Lena are becoming a team? It’s possible…but as Kara leaves we see…
  • The BIG reveal…

The head of Cadmus is….Lena Luthor’s Mother!!!


I absolutely love this series, and remain a big fan. Still, this episode had (as mega-reviewer Joe “Geronimo” Gagel noted) a “filler” feel. There were some important reveals, and certainly some things that will play out big time in future episodes, but there was a lot of time spent on what would become MonEl’s rather useless attempt to work at CatCo. The “I’m an alien and what is your backward technology?” routine fell a little flat. The later scenes where “Mike” (MonEl) took advantage of Miss Tessmacher made him more of a jerk than a sympathetic character. Using her credit card to buy an expensive suit? Not so nice, Mr. MonEl!  Finally, the “motivation” for James becoming a hero-to-be-named-later (likely The Guardian) was a bit odd…why was a camera, even his dad’s camera, the final straw? How about all the people who have died in this series? A camera? It was a rather thin reason to get into the hero business.

All that said, I still enjoyed the episode overall. There were definitely flaws in the plot, but still I have some hope for what we will see in future episodes. Cadmus has that “Anonymous” vibe working rather well, and I’m looking forward to what they will hit Supergirl with next. And, I am glad to see this version of James Olsen take on something more than being a sidekick (and grateful they aren’t going the “Turtle Boy” route). I’ll give this one an 7/10. What about you? Leave your comments below!

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