Countdown to Apocalypse: New X-Men

If you’re keeping count then you’ve reached Day 4 of our Countdown to Apocalypse.  After sleeping for years, the world first and most powerful mutant, En Sabah Nur, has awoken to impose his credo of “survival of the fittest” on the population of the world.  With his Four Horsemen, none would oppose him with the exception of the X-Men and their new recruits, which is exactly what we are here to cover today!

uncanny-x-men-marvel-now-3-cyclops-standScott Summers, Cyclops:  During a flight as a child, Scott lost his parents when they came under fire from a Shi’ar ship.  He survived with his younger brother Alex, but were seperated and didn’t meet again until they were adults.  His father survived and is later revealed as the space pirate Corsair who leeds the Star Jammers.  After his powers manifest, which are optical energy blasts, he runs away and is found by Charles Xavier.  He makes his first appearance in X-Men #1 where he has become Xavier’s star pupil and team leader.  Over the years he would develop a relationship with fellow X-Man and one time wife, Jean Grey.  After years of following Xavier’s dream and leading the X-Men he finally cracks and becomes more of a renegade like Magneto, who is tired of seeing mutants treated as second class citizens.  While under the control of the Phoenix Force, Cyclops kills his mentor and gives up everything left to him by Xavier to Storm.  After the events of Secret Wars, Cyclops is said to be dead, though I have my suspicions that he is alive and well in the hands of the InHumans.  In addition, Cyclops, along with the rest of the original young X-Men, have been brought to the present and can be found in the pages of All-New X-Men.  Cyclops was first played by James Marsden, then by Tim Pocock for X-Men Origins: Wolverine, with Tye Sheriden taking on the role from here on out.

extraordinary-x-2-b54d7Jean Grey, Marvel Girl/Phoenix:  When Jean’s powers manifested, it put her in a coma.  Her parents sought out expert psychic Charles Xavier who ended up blocking her powers of telepathy, but allowing her telekinetic powers to remain.  She debuted as Marvel Girl in X-Men #1 and has had a very long relationship with fellow team member Cyclops.  After saving the X-Men from dying, she “rose” with a different look, calling herself the Phoenix.  After some time, the power within her became too powerful to control, twisting her mind and turning her into the Dark Phoenix.  After destroying an entire solar system, Jean kills herself in order to keep the rest of the universe safe.  She comes back years later to marry Cyclops and form X-Factor before rejoining the X-Men years later.  Ultimately, she dies again and bonds with the Phoenix Force to ascend to a higher plane of existence where she remains to this day.  Her younger self is also part of the original X-Men team that has been pulled to the present and has chosen a different path without the young Cyclops in the pages of Extraordinary X-Men.  Famke Jenssen did a great job for five films as both Jean and the Phoenix.  This time, newcomer Sophie Turner will be given a chance to shine as one of Marvel’s most powerful women.

nightcrawler-amazing-x-men-1Kurt Wagner, Nightcrawler:  Born the son of Mystique and Azazel, Nightcrawler ended up abandoned at a very young age.  He was taken in by Gypsys and became a part of their circus.  At first he just had his mothers blue skin and fathers demonic appearance, but his ability to teleport emerged during puberty.  Some time later he is recruited by Charles Xavier, first appearing in Giant-Size X-Men #1.  In addition to coming and going from the Xavier Institute, he found himself a member of the European superhero team X-Caliber.  He met his demise at the hands of Bastion who telegraphed where he was going to teleport.  Some time later his best friend Wolverine helped bring him back from the other side where he is now recovering after being found in the experimental clutches of Mister Sinister.  Alan Cumming stepped into the role for X2 for what is still one of my favorite opening sequences.  This time around Kodi Smit-McPhee will tackle the role for this and hopefully several more films.

X-Men_Vol_4_13_TextlessJubilation Lee, Jubilee:  First appearing in the pages of Uncanny X-Men #244, Jubilee was the child of a wealthy family but was left orphaned by their deaths.  She followed members of the X-Men to one of their secret bases, where after some time she is able to utilize her pyrotechnic abilities to save Wolverine.  Jubilee becomes a part of Generation-X, then the X-Men where she becomes Wolverines unofficial sidekick and the two eventually develop a father/daughter relationship.  After M-Day, she is rendered powerless and has yet to regain them.  After a stint with the New Warriors, she was bitten and turned into a vampire.  She hasn’t been seen in the comics since then, but I expect she will show back up before the Death of X arc set for the fall.  Jubilee could be the X-Men character with more cameo appearances than anyone else.  In X-Men she was played by Katrina Florence, in X2 and X3 she was played by Kea Wong, with Lana Condor stepping in for Apocalypse.

Well that about wraps it up for the New X-Men for this film.  I really hope that all of the new and returning X-Men are able to stick around and be a part of the various X-Teams that Fox has down the pipeline.  So what do you think, Comic Nation?  Are you excited for these new X-Men to take center stage for the foreseeable future or are you finished with Fox’s take on Marvels Mutants?  Let us know and check back with us tomorrow for what I think Fox has in store for the future of the X-Men film franchise.  X-Men: Apocalypse opens everywhere May 27th.

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