Countdown to Apocalypse: The Four Horsemen

Welcome back to the Countdown to Apocalypse here at TMStash where we’re bringing you everything you need to know before you check out X-Men: Apocalypse.  Yesterday we took a look at the films main villain, En Sabah Nur, who is the immortal/eternal Apocalypse.  He is believed to be the world first mutant and imbued four powerful mutants with even more power to test the world’s humans and mutants alike to cull the weak and build a world on the natural order of survival of the fittest.  They are known as the Four Horsemen of Apocalypse and that’s who I’m going to familiarize you with today.  First, let’s take a look at the version we’re going to be seeing on the big screen.

standard_incredibleWarren Worthington III, Angel/Archangel:  Angel was a mutant that had bird/angel wings that grew out of his back, allowing him to fly.  He debuted alongside the rest of the team in X-Men #1 and was in and out of the team’s line-up over the years.  He finally joined the original X-Men in the new X-Factor series where ends up loosing his wings and thought dead.  It wasn’t until X-Factor #24 that he was revealed as Apocalypse’s Horsemen of Death who now had blue skin, razor sharp metal wings, and called himself Archangel.  You can find Archangel in the pages of Uncanny X-Men.  Ben Foster played Angel in the disappointing X-Men: The Last Stand with Ben Hardy stepping in for this film and hopefully many more.

UncannyX-MenV4 (2)Elizabeth “Betsy” Braddock, Psylocke:  Betsy first appeared in Captain Britain #8 and is the heroes sister who is just a telepath.  It wasn’t until New Mutants Annual #2 that she was integrated into the world of the X-Men.  The rest of her abilities and combat training are cultivated through a series of brainwashing’s courtesy of Mojo and The Hand, respectively.  Since then she has been a member of both the X-Men and X-Force.  She is currently a part of the Uncanny X-Men, where she maintains control of the mindless Archangel.  At one point in the comics, she replaced Sanjar Javeed as the Horsemen of Death.  This will be the characters big screen debut who Oliva Munn has been perfectly cast to play.

tumblr_o5lykwwRQ31r3qgbno1_1280Ororo Munroe, Storm: First Appearing in Giant-Size X-Men #1, Storm is a mutant from Harlem who’s mutant power allows her to control the weather, which also enables her to fly.  Like her mother, Storm is part of a Kenyan line of witches with white hair and blue eyes.  She has played a huge role over the years as a leader among the X-Men who is now in charge of Xaviers dream since his death.  She was the Horsemen of Famine in the X-Men Evolution animated series.  Haley Berry portrayed the character very well for the original trilogy and Days of Future Past.  Now, Alexandra Shipp will step into the role for the foreseeable future.

UNCX2015003006-col-preview-1083dEric Lehnsherr, Magneto:  Magneto has always had a distaste for humans and their mistreatment of those deemed “different”.  After survivng the Holocaust, Magneto decided that he would not sit by and watch the same thing happen to his mutant breathren.  First appearing in X-Men #1, his name was originally Max Eisenhardt, then later called himself Magnus, and finally changed his identity to Eric Lehnsherr.  After discovering his ability to control metal, Magneto began his quest for a world where his people, mutant kind, would rise up against it’s inferior human oppressors and take their proper place in history.  However, both in the comics and films do we see him fight for years against his best friend before joining forces.  Magneto spent time as the Horsemen of War during the X-Men Evolution animated series.  You can find him currently leading the Uncanny X-Men.  In the films he’s been expertly played by Sir Ian McKellen while being brilliantly played by Michael Fassbender in the latest installments.

In the comics, the Horsemen of Apocalypse first appeared in X-Factor #19 and featured only three of the four horsemen.  It was later revealed that Archangel was the horseman of Death who was replaced by Caliban after regaining his memories.  Down the road The Hulk becomes War for a short time.


Plague/Pestilence, Autumn Rolfson/Famine, Abraham Lincoln Kieros/War, Archangel/Death,

Hulk/War, Caliban/Death

The next version of the Four Horsemen were assembled during “The Twelve” where Apocalypse kidnaps the twelve mutants who are destined to bring about the end of mankind and harness their power for his own.  This leads to the alternate timeline, Age of Apocalypse.


Wolverine/Death, Ahab/Famine, Caliban/Pestilence, Deathbird/War

After the events of “The Twelve”, an alternate dystopian timeline is created where Apocalypse and his Four Horsemen have laid waste to and conquered North America.


Holocaust, Mikhail Rasputin, Abyss, Mister Sinister

Apocalypse awakens after M-Day to a world with far less mutants.  Once again, he gathers his Four Horsemen and demands the world give up ninety percent of the human population in order to be on equal ground with the mutant community.


 Gambit/Death, Polaris/Pestilence, Sunfire/Famine, Gazer/War

The Apocalypse Wars are currently underway and haven’t revealed the roles of each horsemen just yet.  For those interested, check out the latest issues of Extraordinary X-Men, Uncanny X-Men, and All-New X-Men and keep an eye out for the Apocalypse Wars logo.


 Colossus, Venom, Deadpool, and Moon Knigh

While Fox’s 90’s X-Men version of the Four Horsemen were true to the original group, X-Men Evolution took a different path that just may be where some of the film’s inspiration came from when choosing their own Four Horsemen.


Mystique/Pestilence, Magneto/War, Charles Xavier/Death, & Storm/Famine

Lastly, the Four Horsemen are no stranger to the video game world as Marvel: Avengers Alliance introduced us to a brand new version, made up entirely of X-Men that Apocalypse has corrupted and enhanced for his new world order.


Beast/Pestilence, X-23/War, Iceman/Death, Rogue/Famine

While the line-up over time has changed and included many different characters, both heroes and villains alike, the spirit of the team has always remained the same.  Cull the world of the weak for the strong who will be ruled by the eternal might of Apocalypse.  So who’s your favorite member of Apocalypses Four Horsemen, Comic Nation?  Let us know and check back with us tomorrow as the Countdown to Apocalypse continues with a look at the returning X-Men.  The end begins everywhere May 27th.

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