The Contest of Champions: Review of “Infinity: The Hunt” #1

Right now, for the most part, Infinity has had an impact across the Marvel Universe.  Most of the Avengers have left Earth to join the galaxy in defending a seemingly unbeatable foe.  Seeing this opportunity, Thanos has chosen this time to strike.  The Hunt is a story surrounding some of the heroes left here to defend the Earth against whomever and whatever threatens it. 

The book starts off with in interesting concept.  With many heroes in training around the world, the leaders of the seven different schools for meta-humans are having a competition called The Contest of Champions.  The Avengers Academy, Future Foundation, The Jean Grey School, Braddock Academy, The Wakandan School of Alternative Studies, The Pan-Asian School for the Unusually Gifted, and Latverian School of Science all introduce their participants in this friendly competition.  The thehunt1presentation, however, is cut short when they get a glimpse of what is happening around the world.

I like the concept of this story from Matt Kindt.  Steven Sanders (art) and Jim Campbell (color) have brought some solid work to this title.  This is shaping out to being a good looking and well written series.  I’m wondering if we will ever get to see it play out as it was laid out, in the story.  My guess is that these heroes will have to grow up a little early and work together to help defend the Earth from Thanos and his minions.  The winners being the ones who survive it!!  Infinity: The Hunt #2 should hit shelves October 2nd.  Until then, get on over to your local comic shop to check out this and other great titles from Marvel.

Source(Photo): Marvel Comics

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