Clue #1 A Murder Mystery Review *IDW* Paul Allor

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Clue #1 *written by Paul Allor* art by Nelson Daniel* IDW Publishing* 

This week I have stumbled upon the recreation of what was one of my most favorite childhood things! IDW Publishing continues to make the old new again with a brand new series based on the old movie/game Clue. Clue #1 is out this week for new comic book day and I quickly devoured it. I’m going to give you my review on the book here with minimal spoilers. I love a good mystery and I really want you to have the opportunity to discover who done it right along with me. Let’s put on our detective hats and have a closer look at Clue #1.

First off issue #1 of Clue comes with several fun and artistic covers. I do love a good variant. The other neat thing about the different issues is that each one comes with one of three extra pages in the back that contain a hidden clue. So if your a super OCD sleuth like myself you may feel compelled to have all three extra clues in your possession. I enjoy the hunt, and the clues are quite fun.

The book starts out much like the old 1985 movie does; a bunch of random guests arriving to a spooky mansion on a very stormy night. It sets the creep meter off the charts and I got that old campy goosebumps feeling right away. The book is deep with nostalgia. Upton the Butler and narrator of the story breaks the fourth wall right away by speaking directly to the readers. Upton is very clever and makes me chuckle frequently. The characters are introduced over the next few pages as you would expect. The guest list is filled with all the usual familiar suspects plus some more modern monikers. The classic Miss Scarlet is an Australian pop star with an attitude and the newcomer Dr. Orchid is a secretive Toxicologist. 

Clue #1 is chock full of all the great classic campy murder mystery you would expect. There is an underlying intelligence to the writing and the plot. It keeps with the traditional corny Clue nonsense while being intelligent enough to capture the modern readers mind. I was quickly sucked into the characters and found myself inspecting every page and every word for motive. I found myself smiling and thinking well this is going to be good fun, the game is afoot. They give you the homicide you expect and even one Upton didn’t see coming. The good ole classic weapons are laid out for you to consider. How a homicide detective can’t tell the difference between blunt force trauma of a lead pipe vs the strangulation of a rope is beyond me, but gives the reader the feeling of superiority.

Once again IDW is the master of making the old new again. Clue #1 tickled my fancy and made me wickedly curious for the next issue. I’m excited to follow this mystery down the proverbial rabbit hole and see where Paul Allor will take us. I give this book a 9/10 for keeping the old familiar feel while still making it new and challenging. That is not always easy to do. The characters and artwork make for a ton of fun, I was inspecting every panel for hidden objects and clues. Breaking the fourth wall has become standard these days in comics, but this manages to still feel fresh. If your a fan of a good mystery this will be a fun book for you. 

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