Chris McKay set to direct Nightwing film for Warner Bros.

After the breaking news of director Matt Reeves being finally confirmed as the new director of Warner Bros.’ forthcoming Ben Affleck-led solo film, The Batman, we have even more breaking news to report. This time, this is news no one expected, at least as of right now.

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The DC Extended Film Universe will be bringing in one of Batman’s must trusted and loyal supporting characters… Nightwing!!!

Yes, you heard me correctly, we are going to again see Dick Grayson also known as Nightwing on the big screen and in his own film.

I am extremely excited about this for a few reasons. One of which being that obviously Ben Affleck is not leaving the DC Cinematic Universe if they are adding characters from his series, to which he will probably have a role or cameo in their film.

Secondly, after we were all let down that Joseph Gordon-Levitt (The Dark Knight Rises) would not become Robin/Nightwing, we will now finally see a live-action Nightwing.

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Chris McKay, who recently made his directorial debut with the hugely successful film, The LEGO Batman Movie is set to direct the film. After seeing LEGO Batman, I had a sincere feeling that a lasting partnership between these two was gonna happen. Yes, that good of a film.

Bill Dubuque (The Accountant) has also been hired to pen the screenplay for the film.

For those of you who have no idea who Nightwing is, allow me to enlighten you. Born Richard Grayson, more commonly known as Dick, he was orphaned after his family of acrobatic performers, The Flying Graysons ¬†were murdered. Taken in by Bruce Wayne, Dick is trained and soon becomes not only Bruce’s protege, but also Batman’s sidekick, Robin.

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After some years when Dick goes off to college, he soon takes the mantle of a new hero named Nightwing. However, as Batman and Robin protected Gotham City, Nightwing moved on the mean streets of Bludhaven to practice his acrobatic sense of justice.

As I mentioned before Joseph Gordon-Levitt was introduced at the end of The Dark Knight Rises as a potential Nightwing. Actor Chris O’Donnell (Batman Forever, Batman & Robin) was the last to portray a live-action Dick Grayson, however he was still Robin.

It is still unclear when the film will go into production, when it will be released or who will be playing Nightwing. Let the speculation begin!!!


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