“Best Team Up Ever” CW’s 4 Way Crossover Event *Supergirl*Arrow*Flash*Legends*



**So yea, that absolutely just happened!**


I’m talking about the CW networks huge crossover event spanning across 4 nights and all 4 of their DC superhero shows; Supergirl, Flash, Arrow and Legends of Tomorrow. I have never seen anything quite so massive pulled off in such a way. These last 4 nights have been such a roller coaster ride, it’s hard to believe these are only just television shows and not a DCCU movie event! The CW network and executive producers Greg Berlanti and Marc Guggenheim have managed to pull off on the small screen what DC can’t seem to manage in the larger format: SUCCESS!

This is my Geeky Weekly review of the whole crossover so sit down, strap in and watch out for spoilers. We are going to be knee deep in spoiler in one hot minute. Let me just say that you have been fairly warned and I hope you are in the mood for my unique, geeky view on this mega superhero mash up.

news-00102861-the-cw-superhero-crossover-event-invasion-photo-07Monday night started the week off with an episode of Supergirl called “Medusa“. While all 3 of the other episodes shared the same title of Invasion; Supergirl was still busy dealing with Cadmus and the Medusa project. Mon-El (Chris Wood) put in a particularly endearing performance as you can really start to see his crush on Kara develop, although very awkward conversation to have with Jimmy and Winn. Eliza Danvers (Helen Slater) makes a Thanksgiving appearance and ends up being an incredible asset to the D.E.O. not only saving Mon-El but J’onn’s life as well. Finally by the very end of the episode Cisco and Barry are able to open a breech to Supergirl’s earth after a couple previous failed attempts. This is by far the best part of the episode when Kara walks in to see Barry and Cisco standing in her apartment. Grant Gustin’s line delivery is nearly flawless as he just says “hey” in his very own geeky-cool way. Barry asks for Kara’s help and just like that the crossover is on like Donkey Kong as they whisk her away to Earth 1.

This was my only complaint about the crossover, Supergirl was by far the weakest of the 4 shows. I really wish Supergirl had a bigger kick off for this event, maybe even bringing Winn or Alex along to Earth 1. I have a feeling Alex and Sara Lance might have hit it off! Winn would have made a great addition to the nerd herd along with Cisco and Felicity. This would have been a total highlight for me, but there is always next year. Although in retrospect i did find it interesting that Cadmus and the aliens called Dominators had the same goal all along, to exterminate metahumans. ****

theflash-308-invasion-t2713108-cw-stereo_a18b1a48_cwtv_720x400Tuesday night the stakes were higher on The Flash and they stepped up their game accordingly. We start the episode off right away with Flash and Oliver in quite the predicament but quickly flashback to 10 hours prior and how this whole mess began. We see Wally (Kid Flash) being tested at Star Labs, and he is fast. I mean really fast, or at least faster than Barry was initially. They get an alert that a meteor is headed straight for Central City so Barry has to run. When he gets there he finds it’s not a meteor at all, but an alien ship and it’s kinda freaking him out.

This “Invasion” immediately has Barry reaching out to Star City and the one person he knows he can always count on, Oliver Queen/The Green Arrow. He speeds Diggle and Ollie away from another altercation with the city’s newest terrorist The Vigilante. Although initially peeved at Barry’s interruption Oliver soon realizes how serious this alien threat really is and it even has Thea ready to don the Speedy gear once again. They also call in their time traveling friends the Legends of Tomorrow, and Barry decides that the team needs an alien to fight aliens as well. That’s when he and Cisco go fetch Miss Kara from her world.images-1

The most goosebump worthy part of the episode was the fricking building that they were meeting at. It was an old Star Labs hanger, that looks suspiciously a lot like the Hall of Justice, and coincidentally Barry just happens to own it! *Cue all the geeker squeals and fangirl screams*  This is also the moment where they are all introduced to Supergirl and Felicity delivers the most quotable line “best team up ever”! I do conquer with Miss Smoak, it is indeed the best team up I’ve ever seen. Flash is probably the most plot heavy episode out of the four with the team taking shape, Stein and Jax reveal the future Barry’s audio recording, and Barry has to explain to everyone how he jacked things up with Flashpoint. Everyone but Kara and Oliver literally turn their backs on Barry and refuse to fight along side him. I was so impressed with Oliver’s fortitude and depth of character in that moment: he truly has grown as a hero and a man.news-00102861-the-cw-superhero-crossover-event-invasion-photo-01

I’m still geeking out even two nights later, there was literally so many good things in this episode of The Flash it’s like totally ridiculous. The team is training with Kara and Ollie tells her not to go easy so she is just wiping the floor with everyone, and yet Sara is attracted to her. It’s super cute when Mick says “I’m not calling you Supergirl that is a stupid name,” but insists on calling her “Skirt” instead. Oh it’s all fun and games until the Dominators manage to mind whammy everyone except Oliver and Barry, who then have to fight the entire team alone. Well not totally alone, a very unprepared Kid Flash zooms in to help but ends up getting hurt just like Joe and Iris warned. This does not stop him from getting H.R. to secretly off the books train him how to be K.F. Flash tricks a mind controlled Supergirl into taking out the aliens weapon, restoring all their minds once again. In the end that was not enough as the aliens manage to abduct Thea, Ollie, Sara, Diggle and Ray. The alien abductions are for real people. *My Score for Flash is 9/10*

news-00102861-the-cw-superhero-crossover-event-invasion-photo-22Arrow swings in on Wednesday night and delivers quite the punch to the gut right away. We see a (be still my beating heart) half naked Oliver kissing *wait for it* Laurel Lance. Holy lip smacking shenanigans, what is going on you may ask? Yes this entire episode has that wonky “matrix-esque” vibe that at one time actually made me dizzy. The gang that was abducted are in some kind of alien pods having a shared hallucination and in this dream like state Laurel is very much alive along with some other surprise guests. This just so happens to also be Arrow’s 100th episode and a total give back to the long time fans.

news-00102861-the-cw-superhero-crossover-event-invasion-photo-03Trapped within a world in which Oliver and Sara never boarded the Queens Gambit for that doomed trip, it appears Oliver and Laurel are getting married. Robert and Moira Queen are both still alive with Susanna Thompson and Jamey Sheridan reprising their roles. All the while experiencing this perfect version of their lives the pod people start having flashbacks. Oliver in particular is figuring things out quicker than the others. He finds out the Diggle is the Hood, and everything comes crashing back at full speed. Oliver, Diggle, Sara, Thea and Ray all have to fight their way out of this dream world. A world in which Speedy would rather stay blissfully happy in than rejoin the pain of the real world. I was so blown away that Oliver gave his sister her wish and was going to let her have that happiness. Luckily Thea changed her mind at the last minute and couldn’t leave her brother. Saying goodbye to Laurel, and her parents again was almost too painful. Could they have ripped our hearts out anymore with Sara and Ollie having to say goodbye to Laurel once again. Those wounds are still fresh people, don’t you know! *sobs on keyboard* Not only do they have some painful goodbyes to endure, but they have to face some personal demons as well. These come in the shape of some good old baddies from the past. They have to fight Malcolm Merlyn, Damian Darhk and Deathstroke. Oliver has one final emotional vision of the people from his past like Tommy and Laurel, and I’m a wreck at this point. They tell him what we already know, that he is finally the man he was destined to become! The group manages to find the door way the leads them out of the dream world and out of the pods, but their struggle is far from over. They are in the middle of space surrounded by a ship full of the Dominators.

arw-508-clip1-pr1425-cw-113016_a64c73de9_cwtv_720x400Meanwhile back at the Arrow cave, team Arrow and the nerd herd are doing their best to locate the missing heroes with no luck. Felicity decides they need a “vibe” and brings in Cisco who meets Oliver’s new recruits. He uses an old bow of Ollie’s to vibe where they are being held, only to discover that they are somewhere in space. They can’t possibly rescue their friends, but they know someone that can. Cue the squeals as it’s Nate and the Waverider who show up just in the nick of time to save the day. They ask him how he managed to possibly find them just in time at the right place. Nate tells them “it wasn’t me, it was your nerd army back on Earth that found you”. If only we all had a nerd army as amazing as Felicity, Cisco and Curtis! *My score for Arrow is a tie with Flash at a 9/10*

legendsoftomorrow-207-invasion-t1320007-cw-stereo_a22fa87cf_cwtv_720x400Thursday night brought all the feels home with the crossover conclusion on Legends of Tomorrow. Now we get to see the rest of the legends team including Vixen and much more of Nate/Citizen Steel (Nick Zano) who is fast becoming one of my new favorites. Nate agrees to take Felicity and Cisco on a nerd fantasy come true time traveling adventure back to 1951. This is where the gang decides is their best chance to capture on of the aliens to interrogate. Dominators had visited the Earth in the past but it was covered up by the government,  like a DC version of Roswell. Nate gets to try out his new suit that Ray built for him, but as Mick is so quick to point out “you look like a star spangled idiot”.

2893928392Inevitably the plan goes awry thanks to a secret government group and our Legends get captured, along with a Dominator. Back in 2016 the rest of the group is being attacked by the same man in glasses that captured the legends in 1951, he hasn’t aged well. He tells Barry that this is all about him and the rise of the meta-humans. If Barry agrees to peacefully gives himself up the Dominators will leave in peace. Nobody is buying this malarkey except Barry who is of course fully prepared to sacrifice himself. In 1951 Felicity and Cisco come to the rescue and Heatwave is of course gracious as always “great, I’ve been saved by the nerds”. I think Dominic Purcell had the best lines of the entire crossover. His delivery is so dead pan and serious, you can’t help but laugh! Cisco makes a decision in the past, to save the captured alien as well as the Legends. This decision leads to consequences, which in turns leads to a greater understanding of what Barry did with Flashpoint and finally some forgiveness towards Flash. I’m so glad these two besties made up because it was working my last nerve.images

With time travel done, and the team finally reunited it’s time to kick some alien ass. Dr. Stein and Caitlin are working with his daughter to create some sort of working weapon to use against these evil E.T.’s. He’s having a hard time with this because in the 2016 timeline where Stein is from, this daughter never existed. A previous interaction with his younger self is what caused this “time aberration” which is a phrase they use to describe things that are out of place in the time stream. Caitlin teaches him that this is no aberration, but really his flesh and blood daughter. This is something that will be further explored on Legends, as his daughter played by (Christina Brucato ) will have a reoccurring role on the show.

arrow-flash-supergirl-legends-crossover-images-slice-600x200While further preparations are being made to combat the aliens, Barry is feeling guilty about Flashpoint and is almost eager to hand himself over as some sort of self punishment. Oliver is quick to tell Barry no way is this happening, but Barry says who is going to stop me, you and what army? The camera pans around to show that the entire team is united in this common goal to stop Barry and damn I just get goosebumps.  (see photo above) It is quickly starting to have that united Justice League vibe. Well played Guggenheim and Berlanti, well played. Everyone is on board with the task at hand, stop the Dominators meta-human bomb, and kick there arses back to whence they came. Can you say butt kicking time, yes please!146891

Cisco and Sara aboard the Waverider, along with Firestorm’s, manage to destroy the massive alien bomb sphere. The rest of the gang kick butt on the ground until it’s time for Felicity to “bring the pain” by pushing the button that will activate Stein’s nano-tech weapon. In the end they send those dirty aliens packing and get a big fat award/party from the new President; whom Mick and Sara both agree is a hottie. The heroes get a much needed celebration! Oliver finally apologizes to Kara for being such a jerk and admits that our world sure could use a Supergirl in it. Kara says “that’s funny I was just thinking my world could use a Green Arrow”. She tells Oliver what a rock he is, and how much everyone looks up to him for leadership. Melissa Benoist gets to deliver the quote to end all quotes of the night, she tells them that they are all indeed “earths mightiest heroes”!

cw-crossover-legends-of-tomorrow-207-02-530x353The producers use Cisco as a way to connect Supergirl to our world on a more permanent basis. He gives her a mini device that can transport her back and forth whenever she likes. This is brilliantly simple and solves all our multiverse problems; all 4 shows are now cohesive. The party comes to an end and our heroes all head off in their respective directions. Mick gives Kara one last sexist shout out “hey skirt call me” before leaving with the Legends. It ends so perfectly with the two it all began with; Barry and Oliver. Barry thinks it’s time that they start hanging out outside of work (saving the world), but the two are at a loss for what to do. So naturally they end up at a bar drinking and talking about super speed/arrow duels. At the end of the day who really wants a normal life anyways? They end their night, and the episode with a most moving and relevant toast “cheers to things not being normal, and to life being full”. Cheers indeed, this was such a great ending I was cheering and clapping and totally moved by the depth of the friendship that has grown between these two. *My score for Legends of Tomorrow invasion conclusion 10/10*the-flash-1x08-17


Next week is the mid season/winter finales for the CW’s 4 superhero shows. Lots of loose ends from the crossover being tied up, some new threats emerge for our heroes to face and even more guest appearances. Including the return of Wentworth Miller as Captain Cold on the winter finale of Legends of Tomorrow which airs Thursday, December 8th at 8pm. Don’t be shy drop me a line and let me know what you thought of the big 4 night crossover event. I was seriously impressed by the scope and magnitude of what they were able to pull off with such a huge cast. It was visually and emotionally satisfying for me. legends-of-tomorrow-2-08-legion-of-doom-assists-al-capone-captain-cold-returns

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